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$160k/year: How This Mum of 2 Juggles Her Booming Business & Parenthood

When you’re a business owner who’s running a family of 4, you’ll find fitting in both a challenge. So how can you juggle parenthood and a solo business without becoming a total mess? 

Ask Jodhi McGrath,  from Cherubs & Dust Cleaning Agency, and a member of ServiceSeeking.com.au since 2012. 

Jodhi McGrath

Jodhi McGrath


This mum of 2 returned to the workforce after having 2 kids and now runs a self made cleaning business turning over $160k a year. $100k of that revenue comes via the website ServiceSeeking.com.au, a website specialising in helping SMEs grow from 1 man operations to big businesses with large turn-over.  

If you were to believe the movies and the glossy magazines, the myth of the ideal mother showcases motherhood as a blessed event with sleeping babies and long walks in the park. 

The same goes with running a small business – happy clients, constant work and taxes paid on time.  All is glamorous and angst-free.

Jodhi McGrath paints a different story however. Wanting to re-establish herself in the workforce, she started picking up cleaning jobs on Facebook by started very small, but it wasn’t until she discovered ServiceSeeking.com.au that she managed to establish the lifestyle she has now.

Having bought her first home with her husband via the income she earns through ServiceSeeking and having proudly celebrated the 6 year anniversary of her longest serving client (procured the service), she is flying high. 

“This is really a dream. Heading back to the workforce after having 2 kids was daunting, but now my business generates enough income that my husband could leave his job and come and work with me. We are in each other’s pockets but we love it. We work together, train staff together and celebrate all our wins together.”


Husband & Wife Team

Husband & Wife Team

Her secret to winning jobs is to be quote fast and communicate professionally. “I used to be in Business Developments before having kids so my tone of voice is professional and corporate – a fact that separates me from my competitors. My clients enjoy talking to me on the phone and I geniunely make their lives easier by doing the jobs they hate to do”. 

Jodhi now employs 15 cleaners and her favourite thing to hear on the phone is when a client says “Gee, that was quick” after she responds to their requirements within minutes of having their job posted online. 

“You have to over-service clients and really “bend at the knee”. We look for jobs to do that other cleaners ignore (for example, cleaning under the fridge) as we try to make a difference in our customer’s quality of life”. 

Flying High

Flying High