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Good painters in the Canberra area can be hard to find. If you're tired of hunting around for a decent painter area you've arrived at the right place.

Who are we?

We have 111 painters in Canberra – from small solo or family businesses to large companies – so you can select a painter that's the best fit for you and your job. Over 659 people in Canberra have listed a painting job.

Vital statistics:

Most customers start hearing from painters in just 1 hour. The average number of quotes customers receive over a day is 4. The most number of quotes you'll receive is 12 and you have the option of stopping quotes at any time if you find the right painter for your job.

Why us?

No more ringing around chasing painters who don't call you back! Our painters want your job and will promptly send you a quote. Best of all our painters are not only experienced, but they're trustworthy too. They all have a valid ABN that has been checked by us. And did we mention that our site is completely free to use?!

How much do Painters cost?

Painting services start from $30/hr. To find out how much your Painting job will cost, just let us know the project details and we'll ask Painting businesses to send through their best quotes. These prices are estimates only but will give you a good indication of how much you can expect to pay. For further pricing details, visit Cost of Painters in Canberra.

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100% positive

We are a painting company with over 45 years experience. We specialise in small and large interiors and exteriors. Plaster repairs, water damage ...

100% positive

10 Years Experience for insurance companies Good Quality Best Price Free Quote

100% positive

15 years experience all aspects of painting and minor plastering repairs.

Royal removal more than 10 years experience, instate and out state, around Canberra Melbourne Sydney. All cover full insurance. Guarantee best pric...

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"Rodney and his team were simply excellent. Rodney was quick to give the quote and stuck to his timeframe. The team was very helpful, professional and thorough. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to get the job finished on time and of a high quality."

"He did an excellent job and he was on time. He is tidy and a very good communicator."

"Steve did a great job inside the house. He was quicker than the quoted time frames which helped us move in faster. Thanks for a great job."

"I was very satisfied with the job! I would definitely recommend this business to other customers!"

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