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Top 10 Adelaide Architecture and Design Services

  • Interior Architects

    Draftaway Pty Ltd

    Draftaway Pty Ltd offers a wide variety of services such as MEP drafting, computer aided design and information modelling. They provide services throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

    3 Reviews
    St Kilda,VIC
  • Quality Architects


    Need local architects? Archistyle specialises in creating 3D renderings, design concepts, sketching and presentations. They make sure to produce high-quality work to guarantee their clients' satisfaction.

    4 Reviews
  • Architects Designers

    Insight Architecture

    If you're looking for reliable architects, you can definitely count on Insight Architecture. They provide modern and innovative designs for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. They're ABSA-accredited too.

    2 Reviews
    Baulkham Hills,NSW
  • Building Architects

    Vista Concept Dimensions

    Vista Concept Dimensions provides a full range of architectural services such as urban designs, building designs, 3D concepts, presentations and more. They can help you turn your dream design into reality.

    2 Reviews
    Sheidow Park,SA
  • R7

    Residential Architects

    Room 71

    Room 71 renders prompt, professional and friendly services at a competitive price. They specialise in renovations, extensions, architectural designs, drawing, housing design and floor plans.

    2 Reviews
  • Industrial Architects

    Ontime Internet Solutions

    Ontime Internet Solutions is a Queensland-based company with over 20 years of experience in the trade. They provide reliable and top-quality services such as CAD drafting, renovations and extensions.

    1 Review
    Mountain Creek,QLD
  • Commercial Architects

    Brumby Designs

    Looking for industrial architects? Brumby Designs can help you out. They deliver high-quality services such as 2D and 3D CAD designs, project management, industrial designs, concept designs and automotive designs.

    1 Review
  • RPM

    Local Architects

    RJP Project Management

    RJP Project Management has years of experience in handling drawing & drafting jobs. They work with architects and other professionals to create working drawings and concept plans for building approval.

    1 Review
  • SP

    Architectural drafting Services


    Whether you need interior design services or quantity surveying, Specialized has you covered. They also offer drafting and architectural design services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

    1 Review
  • Looking for architects? NVarchi Architectural 3D Visualization is one of the finest in the field. They are skilled, professional and experienced. Their services include 3D rendering, residential design and more.

    1 Review

Essential Things to Remember When Hiring Architects

Homeowners sometimes overlook the need to hire architects especially when they’re only doing a small renovation or building project. However, no matter the size of your project (whether you’re looking to build a new home, renovate your existing property, or transform a vacant space into a functional area), enlisting the help of architects is a must.

What can architects do for you?

The role of architects is not limited to designing a home or a building and planning its construction. Often, their responsibility covers a broad range of tasks, which depend on the project they are handling. Professional architectural services typically include the following:

  • Drafting
  • Documentation
  • Brief development
  • Specification writing
  • Conservation
  • Restoration
  • Development approvals
  • Post-occupancy evaluation
  • Contract administration
  • Product research

There’s a lot more services that architects can offer you. It would be best to talk to local architects in your area as some of them may be specialising in certain aspects of a construction project.

Why should you hire architects?

As shown above, architects provide a variety of services, which will no doubt make your building project smooth-sailing. They have been trained in doing these tasks, and with their expert skills and knowledge, they won’t just be able to contribute to the technical aspect of the design and building process; they can also help you with practical matters.

  1. They can offer solutions that will fit your building needs.
    Whether you need assistance in designing your dream home or your commercial property, they can offer you practical advice on what design or approach will best suit your needs. They can easily give you an idea about the materials that you can choose from. By considering your requirements, they can package a solution that will perfectly match your needs and preferences.

  2. They can help you with effective planning.
    Architects basically design homes and buildings, and because they know the ins and outs of their designs, they can assist in planning for your construction project. Make sure that your architect works closely with your builder so that both of them can plan more effectively and ensure efficiency throughout all construction phases.

  3. They can give advice especially on hard decisions that you have to make.
    Of course, the last say is still yours, but your architect can greatly help you when it comes to difficult choices. With their knowledge in a wide array of materials that are used in designing homes and buildings, they can thoroughly discuss with you the pros and cons of each option. This leads you to a well-informed decision, and if there are disadvantages to your choice, you can be proactive about it and think of a way to address any possible issue.

What are the things to check when hiring architects?

Whether you’re looking for home architects, commercial architects, or industrial architects, you should definitely be fussy when checking their qualifications. Remember that their design will be the basis of builders in constructing your home or your commercial or industrial property. If later on their design proves to be inefficient and unsustainable, it would certainly cost you an arm and a leg to rectify the errors. Here are tips to help you avoid such unfortunate circumstances:

✓ Make sure that they have the necessary expertise.

Earlier, it was mentioned that architects take on various responsibilities. While tons of architects offer a range of general services, you might want to look for specialist architects if you need help with a specific type of architecture. For instance, in restoration architecture, you’ll need a professional with experience and knowledge in this type of service.

✓ Check their licences.

Ensure that you’re dealing with a licensed architect. This will easily tell you if they are qualified and trained to take on the job. This is very important especially if you have a large construction project. However, if you only have a minor building project and your budget is quite limited, hiring a building designer may be enough.

✓ Find out what other customers say.

Service Seeking business profiles consist of feedback from previous customers. Take your time browsing through reviews on your prospective businesses to know more about them. Find out if they have established good working relationships with their clients and if they deliver quality results on time. Check out these comments on some of the top architects in Adelaide:

”Vista Concept Dimensions proved to be a great choice as there were no delays from day 1, moreover never imagined my job would be submitted for approvals including the design in such a short period of time. Thankfully I went with someone who has not only design sense, they also explained the reasons and also ensuring that our original ideas stayed as is but were far more improved with their design sense. Highly recommended!!!” - Ash from Dover Gardens, SA on Vista Concept Dimensions

”James has been Extremely Helpful to us. He has Built a Beautiful Retaining Wall at a very Reasonable Rate. Highly Recommend His Services. Thank You James !!” - Hetal from Mount Barker, SA on RJP Project Management

✓ Have a look at their portfolio.

Verify their claims of high-quality designs by looking at their recent works. This will also show you their style and the designs they have previously done, and from here, you’ll know if they are more or less the right business for your job. Aside from that, you can judge through their works if they are capable of providing innovative designs or not.

How much do architectural services cost?

The cost of hiring an architect starts at $35/hr, but there are some factors that could affect the total price like the size and type of the project. For instance, businesses may offer different rates for residential and commercial architecture. So when posting your job on the site, make sure to provide specific details; this will help businesses quote accurately.

You can expect to receive as many as 12 quotes from different businesses. Take your time in comparing them and don’t just settle for the cheapest quote that you’ll get.You can ask for a detailed, written quote as well. This way, you can avoid businesses that charge hidden fees.

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