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Tens of thousands of businesses all around Australia. Need to install a new roof, renovate a bathroom, fix a leaky tap, get your tax refund, clean your home or even design your own website? We’ll get you quotes.
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We don’t limit the number of businesses who can pitch to you. Competition gets you the best deal, not just on price but quality too. View Profiles, read customer reviews, and communicate seamlessly online, over the phone or through our iPhone app. And did we mention it’s totally FREE to get quotes and see who’s out there?
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When the project’s done, we let you rate the businesses out of 5 stars. Your review affects their Star Rating and is published immediately on the business’ Profile. Tell other customers about your experience, or thank a business for doing a stellar job.
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We do the heavy lifting when it comes to generating leads
You get email and iPhone/Android app notifications for free. Click, introduce yourself, and follow up by phone or instant chat.
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We don’t charge you commissions or force you receive payments online. You decide how you want to be paid.
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Get reviews from happy clients and you’ll continue to win more and more work. Use your Profile to show examples of projects you’ve completed, and use Message Templates to send professional introductions when a new customer wants quotes.
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