Last updated: 29th Sep 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many leads can I get?

The number of leads you can get depends on the membership that you’re subscribed to. Your location can also be a factor since some industries are more in demand in certain locations.

How many competitors will I have?

For every job posted on the site, the average number of businesses that quote is 3 to 5. However, in some cases, it can go up to 12 since this is the maximum number of quotes that customers can receive.

If many businesses quote on a job, in what order will the quotes appear on the customer’s dashboard?

Before anyone has quoted on the job, the customer sees businesses with the Pro badge first. How close the businesses are to the customer’s suburb is also important. Once businesses quote, the customer sees quotes from Pros first. Then, the list is ordered from the most recent to the oldest quote. This is so customers who log in often see the new quotes before the ones they’ve already checked out.

Who gets to see it first when a job is posted?

Businesses with Pro+ Membership usually get to see the jobs first since they receive an SMS with the job details and customer’s contact information.

How many jobs are posted in a day?

Approximately 1,500 – 2,000 new jobs are posted on the site every day — that’s about 50,000 jobs in a month.

On average, a new job is posted on every 47 seconds!