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Average Plumber’s Salary 2017 in Australia

Last updated: 30th May 2019

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Income Breakdowns – Apprentice Plumbers

Apprentice or trainee – plumberFemale$30,166.31
Apprentice or trainee – plumberMale$32,720.12

Income Breakdowns – Qualified Trade Plumbers

GenderIncome Tax BracketNumber of IndividualsAverage Reported Income

All Ranges

Male $18,200 or less2,554$11,829.53
Male$18,201 to $37,0007,600$27,811.68
Male$37,001 to $80,00025,614$58,969.62
Male$80,001 to $180,00013,433$97,853.40
Male$180,001 or more672$154,259.52

Salary data comes from income tables released by The Australian Tax Office in April 2017, for the income year 2014-15