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30 Simple Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

Most people think of bathroom remodelling and the first word that comes to mind is ‘expensive’.

They think of how they don’t want to spend too much money so it’s best to put it on hold.

“I’ll do it some other time when I’ve saved up enough for it.”

After all, remodelling always seems like a daunting task. Especially at first, when you’re not well prepared and everything isn’t thought out yet.

But there’s no better time than the present. And many Australians are choosing to remodel their homes now, rather than later.

In fact, the number of home improvements has increased in recent years. That’s according to a January 2017 study by Roy Morgan Research:

“Close to 8.4 million (or 62%) of Australia’s 13.6 million homeowners did some kind of renovations in the last 12 months. Up from 7.5 million (57%) three years earlier.”

And according to the BOQ website:

“Not only are more people making changes, they’re willing to make it an investment.”

Remodelling doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg or diminish your creativity. You can find simple yet creative changes for affordable prices.

Here we look at 30 ideas to remodel your bathroom.

Paint, Tiles and Wallpapers

When you’re on a budget, changing the colours and look of your bathroom are the cheapest options.

There are ways to create a different atmosphere using paint, tiles and wallpapers. Some of these include:

  1. Painting your bathroom in a colour that brightens up the room. Consider using mould-resistant paint for better protection and a longer-lasting effect.
  2. Tiling your countertop instead of getting a stone slab. It’s a more affordable and easier option.
  3. Painting your floor instead of replacing the entire surface. Use waterproof sealers for an appealing, affordable and durable look.
  4. Using different colours to paint your floor and your walls. This amplifies the floor’s impact and can create an illusion of greater space.
  5. Applying the beige colour through paint or tiles to give you a greater sense of calm. Beige is a relaxing colour you can’t go wrong with, in the bathroom.
  6. Using creative wallpapers. Find patterns that bring life into your bathroom. Wallpapers are less expensive and easier to change than tiles.
  7. Restoring your tiles to their original splendour. Tiles tend to lose their spark and can also contain mould and mildew after a while. This is because of moisture, dirt, soap and other factors. You can find treatments to resolve this issue online.
  8. Using two-tone colours when painting your walls. This makes your bathroom more vibrant and colourful.
  9. Tiling your floor in a checkerboard pattern. It’s a popular design in bathrooms and adds a sense of luxury, elegance and order.

Bathroom Tapware and Fixtures

Other areas in which you can make simple changes to your bathroom are your tapware and fixtures.

You use the tapware every day and so it likely needs a bit of fixing and changing.

The right tapware can also increase the appeal of your bathroom in a significant way.

Fixtures are a big part of your bathroom and take up most of the space. These include your:

  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Bath

Here are some remodelling ideas for your tapware and fixtures:

  1. Changing your faucets and putting in new ones. You can change your sink faucets, bath faucets and shower faucets. It’s an affordable change you can make when on a budget. Go for a minimal design to save money.
  2. Replacing your original shower head with a modern one. One that allows you to control the intensity and temperature coming from it. There are different types of showerheads like the hand-held and the water-saving ones.
  3. Replacing your shower that has two handles with one that has a single knob. A single-knob shower allows you to adjust the water pressure. You can find a plumber to do it for you at an affordable rate.
  4. Refinishing your sink and bathtub. It’s more affordable than getting new ones.
  5. Repairing your sink if it’s cracked or chipped and applying a fresh coat of paint. Chips and cracks can happen when you put too much weight on your sink.
  6. Refurbishing your bathtub instead of getting a new one. The process of removing and replacing your tub can be long and expensive. Find a professional to refinish it and save money.
  7. Adding a rustproof rim to your tub. Make sure it comes with coatings that are resistant to corrosion.

Cabinets and Storage

Cabinets and other storage spaces are ideal for remodelling plans. They’re simple and affordable to create, fix or replace.

Think of these suggestions when considering remodelling your cabinets and storage:

  1. Mounting a cabinet to your wall where you can put your toiletries and other necessities. You save floor space by putting it on the wall and it looks good.
  2. Refinishing your towel rack and sealing it with a good sealant. You can also change its colour.
  3. Building storage with shelves for your toothbrushes and other dental supplies. You can find ones like medical cabinets for affordable prices.
  4. Creating a wall niche to have more space. It adds an elegant and unique feel to your bathroom.
  5. Adding etageres (a.k.a. baker’s racks) to your bathroom. These add decoration and make your bathroom more functional. You can find them in different styles to suit your preferences.
  6. Repurposing your bathroom sink and basin instead of getting a new vanity.
  7. Repairing your old cabinets if they’re broken and/or repainting them.

Mirrors and Accessories

Mirrors are a key part of your bathroom. They deserve consideration when you’re remodelling.

After all, mirrors are the last part of the bathroom you look at before heading out. You should feel confident and excited when leaving the house. And that’s harder to do when your mirrors don’t inspire that excitement and confidence.

Here are some ideas for your mirrors and other accessories to leave you feeling ready for the day:

  1. Installing a mirror on your bathroom wall to create the impression that the room is big.
  2. Framing your mirror with mouldings to make it more appealing and elegant.
  3. Tiling your mirror frame to compliment your bathroom. Use ceramic tiles as they’re the most common ones installed for this purpose.
  4. Adding accessories that match in colour with your bathroom fixtures. This gives the room more elegance. White, grey and dark colours give it sophistication. Pink and bright colours create a feminine atmosphere.
  5. Adding shutters to your bathroom windows to control the light coming in. This also gives you more privacy from the outside world.
  6. Enhancing your bathroom by adding a captivating chandelier. Classy lighting ads to the beauty of your room.
  7. Adding roman shades to your windows. As well as giving you control over the natural light coming in, these also help in blocking out sound.

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Bathroom remodelling doesn’t need vast sums of money. There are simple changes you can make to turn yours into your own dream space.

You can make changes to every part of your bathroom. There’s no limit to the possibilities. You should get creative with the process.

Once you’ve got your ideas, it’s important to find the right people to carry out the remodelling job.

You need people you can trust, people who others have trusted and people you can afford to pay.

You might need different tradespeople who are specialists in their domains. This will depend on your plans.

Get a quote today from every professional you’ll need to build your dream bathroom.