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Brisbane is Home to Australia’s Best Paid Tradies

(January 23, 2017) It seems Brisbane renovation prices keep going up and up, recording yet another quarterly increase in’ latest Tradie Price Index.

The data, gathered from thousands of quotes posted on the jobs website last quarter, reveals the average hourly rate of a Brisbane tradie is $70.85 – 4.3 percent higher than the previous quarter.

“Brisbane’s home renovation sector experienced a lot of activity in the final months of 2016 and unsurprisingly, the price of tradies has gone up. Right now, Brisbane renovators have to be very careful with their quote comparison or they could be spending an absolute fortune”, says CEO Jeremy Levitt.

All 8 industries in the quarterly Tradie Price Index recorded positive growth over the past year, minus carpentry and electrical.  

So, who are Brisbane’s best paid tradies?

Plumbers ($87.14) still sit at the top of the ladder, recording a massive 15.1 percent increase in average hourly wage year on year.

The building and construction industry had record gains over the last year, where prices rose a hefty 31.3 percent, making builders the second most expensive tradie in the city ($79.02).

Landscaping remains one of the most highly paid trades in QLD’s capital, with the average hourly rate sitting at $78.30 – 12.4% more expensive than last year.

Hourly rates are gross and aside from cost of labour, cover the cost of running a business (insurance, tools, transport, superannuation etc.).

The prices were derived by comparing a sample of 52,000 quotes submitted during the FY17 Q2 through, the website for getting any job done from tradies to professional services. 

To view price changes across eight popular renovation services around the country, including major capital cities, see  



2017FY Q2 2017FY Q1 % quarterly change 2016FY Q2 % year-on-year change
Building & construction $79.02 $72.29 9.3% $60.19 31.3%
Carpentry $52.34 $55.41 -5.5% $58.66 -10.8%
Electricians $69.86 $73.27 -4.7% $75.73 -7.8%
Landscaping $78.30 $82.55 -5.1% $69.68 12.4%
Painting $46.75 $43.15 8.3% $42.19 10.8%
Plastering $54.47 $48.73 11.8% $50.25 8.4%
Plumbing $87.14 $82.16 6.1% $75.71 15.1%
Tiling $50.94 $46.87 8.7% $45.88 11.0%
ALL TRADES AVERAGE $70.85  $67.95 4.3% $63.33 11.9%