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Ronny is Building His Business from the Ground Up

Ronny of Buildrite Services has been in the game for 20 years- and seriously knows his stuff. Building anything from houses, to luxury homes, dual occupancies and complex townhouses, it’s clear that he knows his way around a work site.

Ronny has had his business Buildrite Services for 6 years, and has used ServiceSeeking.com.au to help it grow to what it is today. His recent job with Melissa was a massive success, and ServiceSeeking.com.au was lucky enough to take a look before and after.  

Melissa’s house was definitely no walk in the park- with 10 rooms and 8 bathrooms. But Ronny was absolutely up for the challenge.

“I love the finished product. I enjoy, at the end of the day, making sure that they’re happy with what they’ve got. And I enjoy working with challenging projects…I like to do something that’s different.”

Ronny knows that owning and running your own business isn’t easy, so he’s grateful for the help ServiceSeeking.com.au has given him.

“I was looking to extend the business, to take on some more work, and I applied through ServiceSeeking.com.au. I got a couple of bites- and Melissa was one of them. It’s been really good, because from Melissa now I’ve got another three jobs!”

Renovating is a lot of work, and Ronny has some tips for those thinking of starting the process.

Research, research, research

“The biggest advice I could give is research your builder and research what you’re doing. Because when you come to renovate or do the building, you can start at one budget and end up somewhere else if you don’t know where you’re heading.”

Quality over price

“If you don’t use the right trades – and I’ve seen this a lot along the way – and you choose trades based on money and price… you’ll end up paying more, because the finer details were never discussed.

Look for quality, look for feedback from other clients, look at projects that they’ve done. That’s the most important thing.”

And when it comes to growing his business, Ronny believes that ServiceSeeking.com.au was instrumental in finding work.

“You’re getting leads straight to you, straight to your business. That was great for me…

A lot of people are price driven, so they’re just there seeing quotes. But with ServiceSeeking, you’re connected, and you’re working in your local area.”

Melissa, Ronnie and her daughter on site

Despite the success of Ronny’s recent job with ServiceSeeking customer Melissa, it didn’t come without its challenges.

“The challenges were designing it and building it in a way that could accommodate Melissa’s ideas. A lot of homeowners have a lot of ideas.. It’s basically about giving her what she wants, in a budget that suits her.

“Everyone can have ideas, but when it comes to money, it can sometimes come to double the price than for what they’ve budgeted for. So what the challenge was basically giving her an end product that she’s happy with, and staying within the budget.”

However, it’s always the rewards that outweigh any challenges he faced.

“It’s most rewarding when the client is actually happy with what you’ve handed over. That’s basically the biggest reward you can get!”

Check out Ronny’s ServiceSeeking.com.au profile here, and his website here.