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6 Tips to Nail Your Customer Communications

Last updated: 18th Oct 2019

Whether you’re new at doing business or have been in the industry for years, it can be easy to slack off on your communication skills. But professional communication always leaves a positive impression and can be the difference in winning or losing a job – AND getting a rave review at the end of it. Here’s 6 quick tips you can implement now to improve your customer communications and stand out against competitors.

1. Record a Clear & Professional Voicemail

About one-third of businesses don’t have a voicemail message or answering service. And many that do only have a generic message that doesn’t mention their name or business name.

Borrow a mate’s phone and call yourself to check your voicemail message. If you don’t have a decent voicemail with a clear message, you’re probably making a poor impression with potential customers and could be losing business.

2. Set Up an Answering Service

If you’re sick of being interrupted by calls on the job it may be worth considering a live answering service. There are several companies who will answer your phone for you and forward an email or SMS with a message.

At ServiceSeeking.com.au we’ve used Alltel before for this, but there are many others. You should expect to pay a monthly subscription fee and then a small fee per call and message.

3. Pay Attention to How You Answer the Phone

Answer the phone, don’t just say “Hello” or “Yep” when you answer. “Hello, Paul here’’ or “Hello, Paul from PDS Plumbing speaking” will help reassure customers they’ve reached the right person.


4. Have a Professional Email Address

If you’re using an email like hotmick69@gmail.com as your business email address and expect this to set a good impression with clients, you’re kidding yourself.

It’s fine to use a Gmail or Hotmail address, but make it a version of your name or business name. You can easily get a domain name and custom email setup from lots of different providers such as Google Domains and Crazy Domains.

5. Create an Email Signoff

It’s a good idea in emails to set up a permanent signoff including your name, company name, ABN, phone and email address. You can do this from the settings page of most email services.

This lets potential clients easily find your phone number from an old email.

6. Improve Organisation With Text Messages

Text messages can be a great way to keep in contact with clients. Always include your name or business name in the first message you send a potential client so they know who they’re messaging.

Two really easy things you can do for every appointment or job to improve your brand are to send a confirmation the day before an appointment “Hi Julie, just confirming your Plumbing service tomorrow at 11am, 61 Smith St, Maroubra. Michael, MDS Plumbing Services”

And a day after a job it’s a great idea to follow up “Hi Julie, can you let me know if you were happy with the plumbing service yesterday? Michael, MDS Plumbing Services”.

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