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Why you should complete your business profile

Last updated: 4th Jun 2019

Did you know that completing your profile on ServiceSeeking.com.au can help you win more jobs? Businesses with a complete profile on the website have more chances of being hired.

Benefits of a complete profile

Imagine you’re a customer and a business gives you a wonderful price for your job. However, they wouldn’t tell or show you anything about them or their business — no portfolio, no reviews from past customers, no licences and qualifications, and no other information online. Would you hire the business?

Most customers wouldn’t as they would think it’s dodgy.

You see, a completely filled in business profile can make or break your success online. You can give customers the best prices, but if they don’t know anything about your business, then hiring you is a choice they might not even consider.

Take some time to improve your online profile and enjoy the following benefits.

• More customers. A complete profile attracts customers as it gives important details about your business.

• Increased credibility. Looking neat and professional online is one of the first few things that could win your customer’s trust.

• Good working relationship. Telling more about your business online is like introducing yourself to your potential customers and starting a healthy working relationship with them.

• Edge over competitors. There are still numerous businesses in your industry that haven’t realised the importance of a complete online profile yet. So if you start building yours now, think of the lead you’ll get!

Essential business profile tips

If you need help filling in your business profile, here are some things that might come in handy.

Be honest
When it comes to establishing a relationship with your customer, honesty is paramount. Upload a profile photo that shows your face; give your real name; write a truthful business description.

Upload good photos
You’ll need to upload good shots of your work. Make sure that they’re not too small and/or blurred. It’s also a good idea to upload a few photos of your team, if you have some.

Ask for feedback
Don’t hesitate to ask your customers for feedback. Customer reviews will not only make your profile look more professional; they can also help you win more jobs.

Your account on ServiceSeeking.com.au is one of the best marketing and advertising materials you have on the internet, so head on over to your business page and start working on your online profile! Need help? Here’s how to update your business profile.