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Last updated: 21st May 2019

Our new book-it-now feature keeps things plain and simple. No more uncertainty around the quoting, booking and payment process. Just post a job, lock in a fixed price and pay up-front. You’ll never pay a cent more!

Sound pretty easy? Here’s how it works.

book it now how it works

If you’re a customer

Get a fixed price

Post a job and businesses can use the book-it-now feature to quote you a fixed price. This will be highlighted in purple and tell you exactly what you’re going to pay – no hidden costs, no added tax.

Lock it in

Happy with the price? Lock it in! Click the BOOK IT NOW button and enter your credit card details to pay up front. We’ll send you an email confirming the payment.

Release your payment

Your payment is released to the business only once you’re satisfied with the job. This can be done by going back to your job page and clicking the purple Release Payment button OR a business can send you a Release Request letting you know when they’re ready for payment.

Top-up if needed

Getting extra work done for an additional fee? You can use the Top-Up button to enter the new total amount you want to release to the business, and we’ll process the payment for the extra amount.

book it now how it works

If you’re a business

Quote a fixed price

Use the book-it-now feature to quote on a customer’s job with a fixed price. This will be highlighted in purple and placed above other quotes – putting you ahead of the pack.


Contact the customer to pay upfront using the BOOK IT NOW feature, or they may choose to BOOK IT NOW themselves. You’ll get an email when the customer pays including their phone number and link to their job description for your reference. Get in contact and book them in with the piece of mind that they’ve already paid for your job. We’ll hold onto your money securely until the work is done.

Request your payment

When you’re ready, the customer can release the payment themselves OR you can send them a request to release the payment via email. Just click the purple Request Release of Payment button under the Quotes tab.

Top-Up if needed

If you and the customer agreed on doing extra work for an additional cost, just ask the customer to use the Top-Up function to enter the new total amount. Rest assured our payments team acts as an unbiased third party in the event of any dispute.

Get paid fast and securely

Once the customer releases their payment, we’ll notify you via email, and the status of the job in the Invoicing & Payments tab will change to PAID. Make sure you’ve already added a Bank Account in Payment Settings so we can immediately transfer the funds into your account. You’ll see it in your bank account in 0-3 working days, just like any normal bank transfer.