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Earn trust by optimising your profile page

Last updated: 17th Oct 2019


An up to date ServiceSeeking profile is so important in helping you win jobs. Here, you’ll be able to earn your customer’s trust- through profile photos, descriptions of what you do, the display of your Pro and Known badges, reviews, and promotion of your own personal website. We’ve put together this simple guide on how to update your profile, and why it’s important!

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Profile picture:

Your profile picture is super important in helping you win jobs. A clear, smiling headshot or group photo will make your profile go far. It’s really useful for your customers to have an idea of what you look like- to see you’re a real person helps build trust, and makes it more likely for them to hire you.


High-quality central profile photo- good

Photos taken on your phone are perfect, just ensure the quality is high, and the photo is central.. and make sure you’re smiling!


Half face blurry profile photo - bad

Is the photo blurry?  Can you only see half of your face? If so, take a new pic!


Irrelevant profile image, pet dog - bad

Is your photo relevant? If not, get rid of it. Remember, you want your potential customers to see your face and know who you are.


About us:

Write a detailed and eye catching description about you, and what you do, in About Us. Give an idea of prices, your experience and a bit about your personality! Your customers want to see that you have experience in the field, and will give them a good, honest price.


About us profile - good

Say who you are, your experience, and why the customer should hire you.


Red X Mark - Wrong

Don’t leave About Us blank or sparse. It looks unprofessional, and it seems like you don’t know what you’re doing.


Gallery Images

Images in your gallery are incredibly important. Your customers can see your quality of work and your own personal style, to see if it’s what they’re after. It can be beneficial to also add some pictures of you or your team hard at work. Having photos with your team, where you can see their face, or them working hard, is a really great way for your customers to get an idea of who you are, and what you do.


Tradie gallery of work done images

Include pictures of your work to show off your skills.


Tradie working gallery

A photo of you working is a really great idea. Your customers are more likely to hire a business if they see a picture of you on the job. Get a friend to snap some pics of you- phone photos are fine, just make sure they’re still high quality and not blurry.


2016/12/gallery-image-bad-2 Blurry image of tradie at work

Refrain from posting any photos where you or your work is out of frame, blurry, or dark.


Add a website

Have your customers find your website by linking it to the site. Don’t have one? We can easily build one for you. Having your website accessible means your customers can take a more extensive look at what you do, who you are, and your expertise.

Let us build a website for you here.


Pro & Known Badges


Pro Badge

Why become a Pro?

Pro Businesses stand out- above businesses that aren’t.  Your badge is added to your Customer Quote Emails, Online Business Card, and Profile Page.

Become a Pro here

Known Badge

The Known Badge is a compulsory background check- to ensure you’re not competing with dodgy businesses. Your customers will feel safer, and you’ll be more trusted.

There are two ways to earn the Known badge- through the Known Police Check, or the Known Licence Check.

Australia’s leading verification service RISQ will ensure your customers have the most trusted and high quality experience- by connecting your ABN with other info about your business, including accurate and current licensing, qualifications, and an Australian National Police History Check. .

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Reviews on your profile are really important in improving your win rate. Reviews prove your legitimacy and your trustworthiness. Get external reviews to improve your profile too- you can easily send past customers an email directly asking them to leave you a response!