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How “Fast Feedback” Works

Last updated: 18th Oct 2019


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Attention: This article describes a feature that is no longer available to ServiceSeeking.com.au businesses. The information below is intended only as a way to understand how the feature used to operate and how previous “Fast Feedback” records were created and managed.

ServiceSeeking.com.au has introduced a new feature in response to a very common issue our business members have. They are frustrated that only a small proportion of customers would leave them a review even after they’d done a good job. And not because they didn’t deserve one, but because the customer would forget to go online, or forget their password to our website. Only a very small proportion of satisfied customers leave reviews..

So we developed “Fast Feedback” so businesses could rate themselves. The idea is similar to many online travel sites where hotels can self-rate. This feature basically gives you control over your feedback score so that you won’t have to rely on your customers to get a rating for every job you do.

Reviews are one of the most important factors in a customer’s hiring decision, so being proactive in getting your customers’ feedback would definitely benefit you in the long run.

Here’s how “Fast Feedback” works:

1. The “Fast Feedback” button can be found on your “Quotes” page. Note that for now this is only available on the website and not on the mobile apps as well.


2. Leave yourself a feedback rating for jobs you’ve done in the past using pre-formatted comments. This feature does not allow yourself to “write your own review” but rather it asks you to select what you think you did well from a pre-defined set of options. 


3. Your rating will be sent by email to the customer to confirm.

4. Customers can either approve your feedback rating or edit and make their own comments (or reject the review). If a customer doesn’t agree with the rating, it won’t be published. Customers can reject the rating anytime after publication and we will still remove it in keeping with their request. 

5. If the customer does not respond after three days, we’ll automatically approve your rating and post it on your profile. However, to reiterate, if a customer indicates at any time that they are not satisfied with the rating including after 3 days from being notified of it, it will be removed immediately. We clearly explain on your business profile which reviews were created using Fast Feedback. 

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“Fast Feedback” certainly makes it easier for you to beef up your profile. With a high feedback rating, you can gain the trust of customers and win more jobs on the site.