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Try our free invoicing tool

Last updated: 18th Oct 2019

We’ve developed a new invoicing tool so it’s easier for you to send professional invoices to your customers. This nifty invoicing tool lets you avoid the tedious task of creating billing statements whenever you win a job.

With this tool, you can just fill out a handy template and send out a professional looking invoice to your clients within minutes! Here’s how:

1. Log in to your account and click on Invoicing & Payments.

Invoicing and payments menu

2. Click on Create Invoice.

Create Invoice Menu

3. Type in the name of the customer you’re sending the invoice to. A dropdown menu showing a possible match/es will appear. Select the name of the customer you’re sending the invoice to.

Create Invoice - customer name

4. Click Next.

Create Invoice

5. Fill out all the necessary details and click Send.

Invoice details

Here are more reasons for you to start using our new invoicing tool:

  • It’s FREE to use.
  • Your invoice is branded with your business name and logo.
  • You have a record of all your transactions in one easy tab.
  • It’s completely confidential. We won’t be able to see your transactions.

Interested in trying out our new invoicing tool yet? Just click the “Invoicing & Payments” button in your Dashboard to get started.