5 tips to turn one-off clients into repeat customers

You can improve the return on your ServiceSeeking.com.au membership by squeezing more value out of each customer you win. Here are some simple tips on how to turn one-off customers into repeat business (aside from just doing a great job).

1. Think about the “lifetime value” of each customer.

Simply put, lifetime value is the amount of money a customer pays you over the life of your relationship. In some industries, lifetime value can be much greater than the value of the first job. If you’re a cleaner, plumber, gardener, accountant, electrician or handyman, most customers will need your services within a year. If you can get that second or third call out, you’ve doubled or tripled each customer’s value.

2. Follow up after every job by asking for feedback.

Follow up with each customer a day or two after the job’s done. Ask if they’re happy with your work. If not, fix it. If they think you did a good job, remind them to leave feedback on your profile, or ask them for a testimonial to use on your flyers or Facebook page. Making this connection after the job’s done will help set the tone for an ongoing relationship.

3. Use social media to stay in touch.

If you have a Facebook page, tell each customer about it and ask them to “Like” you. If you post regular updates about your business on your Facebook page, they’ll see what you’re up to.

One business I know asks each customer if they can take before and after photos and post them on their Facebook page. This gives the business a reason to email the customer asking them to like their page.

4. Mail & email newsletters

Keep a database of past clients including a mailing address or email address, so you can send out flyers or emails to keep people up to date with your business, latest price lists and services. Your invoicing software probably does this already, but make sure you get each customer’s full information.

5. Make sure you have a phone answering service.

It always amazes me how many businesses don’t have Voicemail; about 30% don’t have a functional message service. The calls you’re missing could be from past customers. Every mobile phone company provides a Voicemail service, or you can get answering services that transcribe Voicemail to SMS or email that cost next to nothing. If you don’t have an answering service, you’re leaving potential clients hanging.