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Pro Plus businesses at the top of the job page

Last updated: 4th Jun 2019

Pro Plus is a premium service and it allows businesses to contact customers without having to give a price. 

Until now, Pro Plus businesses appeared in the Matched Business section of the customer’s job page. This section comes after the Quotes section.

Now, Pro Plus businesses can make sure their details are at the very top of the customer’s job page. Just accept a lead online to send a Phone or Chat Quote (without a price).

Here’s how it works

  1. Get the notification about a new lead by SMS, email or iOS/Android app.
  2. Click the link in the notification and read the details of the lead.
  3. Click Show Phone Number or Chat with Customer.
  4. We’ll put your business right at the top of the customer’s list of quotes, above all members that don’t have Pro Plus.

Once you’ve contacted the customer, you can:

  • Update your Phone or Chat Quote with a price
  • Follow up at a later time via the Quotes section of your account
  • Get Fast Feedback when you’ve done the job

The first message we send the customer on your behalf is set in your Pro Plus settings.

Update your Pro Plus Settings now

Do you prefer just to call the number directly from the SMS or email? That’s okay, you can still do this. Just note that unless you also accept the lead online, your business will appear further down the customer’s job page and you won’t get the other benefits mentioned above.