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Quoting: Why you can’t afford to wait

Last updated: 22nd May 2019

You’ve got to be in it to win it —there’s no doubt about that. But, in some industries, businesses that are quick off the mark have a distinct advantage.

66% of our customers receive a quote in the first hour – so darn fast! It’s an impressive stat, but many of our businesses wonder if customers just go with that first quote and forget about the rest. They want to know whether it’s worth submitting a quote when a customer has already heard from a business.

The answer is a big YES!

Customers come to ServiceSeeking.com.au to compare quotes. We know this because we’ve asked them. Results from our recent customer satisfaction survey indicate that people are happiest when they get to compare lots of quotes. Most users want to hear from at least 5 businesses.

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How are you placed?

When it comes to hiring a business, there is some preference given to businesses that quote first. Tradies who get in first have a 32.8% chance of winning the work. Odds, however, decrease slightly in the business services industry, with the quickest quote winning just 24.6% of the time.

If you’re a photographer, web designer, or graphic designer, you definitely shouldn’t discount yourself from the race if you’re not first in line. Although these industries are highly competitive, 42% of the time jobs are still awarded to those who quote fourth or later.

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It’s a bit of a different story for tradies, though. If you’re quoting on jobs in the building and construction industry, you should aim for the top three. 80% of the jobs awarded last year went to contractors that were first, second or third to the party.

“The trick is to get in early with your quote. Most customers on Service Seeking are ready to have the work done, so get the price in quickly or someone else will already have the work booked in” says Andrew McKernan from Garden Glow Tree Care.

Tips for acting quickly

Almost half of our businesses are sole traders and don’t have dedicated office staff to quote on every job the second it comes through. So how do you quote when you’re on the road, on site or elbow-deep in a technical project?

We recommend that you carry a smart phone or iPad with you, so you can still submit quotes while you’re out and about on our mobile site.

Opt for instant leads so you’ll receive an email alert as soon as a job is listed. You can set your email account so that you receive a push notification to your phone whenever you receive new mail.

Even if you don’t have time to submit a thorough quote, it’s still worth sending through an estimate and a quick introductory message to let them know that you’re interested and available to do their job. Let them know that you’ll follow up later in the day — and then make sure that you do!

Want to know how quickly you quote compare to your  local competitors? Check out our Analytics tool.

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