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Reliability wins over reduced rates

Last updated: 22nd May 2019

90% of our Facebook fans say they’d choose a business that turns up on time over someone who charges less.

We put this question to our fans: Which business would you hire?

Business A: Offers a reasonable market rate and turns up on time.


Business B: 10% cheaper, but always at least 40 mins late.

The general consensus was that reliability goes hand-in-hand with attitude and attention to detail.

Here are some of the responses:

“If a tradesperson respects me enough to be there on time then it’s more likely they will be more detail oriented and careful on the job. Time is money on both sides.”

“I want a job done when I need it done. That’s why reliability is so important.”

“Reasonable and on time. People who are late, are in my opinion sloppy. I’d be concerned that attitude transferred to their work.”

Some businesses also make a good point that there are often factors that are out of their control: 

 “Small businesses sometimes mean a one man show so it makes it hard if you have sick kids or I am sick.”

“It’s easy to be upset at tradies who miss at appointment or re-book. While quoting is necessary to get more work, actually doing the work can sometimes take longer, or dramas with materials. It’s not as easy as you think.”

“A good tradie will give leeway of about half an hour when they quote.”

We guess the key here is great communication — if a business is going to be late, they should pick up the phone and let the customer know.

Facebook fan Vanessa has a pretty pessimistic outlook, though:

“I think today’s consumer is so used to unreliable tradies they’d pick the other business because it is what they’re used to anyway and it’s cheaper.”

Luckily, she is the exception and not the rule. 90% of customers still expect a business to be on time, and they are wiling to pay a decent rate for a bit of reliability — and fair enough!

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