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3 ways to speed up your quoting

Last updated: 23rd May 2019

Winning jobs is sometimes all about speed. According to Service Seeking data, quotes that come in first are 40% more likely to win than quotes that come in later.

If you want to increase your chances of winning jobs, here are tips that you could follow to speed up your quoting.

1. Get the mobile app.

Our data shows that businesses who send quotes through the mobile app have a higher win rate. In fact, they’re 23% more likely to get hired than those who quote through the non-mobile website. Since the mobile app can give you access to the site anywhere and anytime, you’ll definitely be able to respond to jobs and queries faster. Customers will appreciate this because it would show your enthusiasm in doing the job.

Service Seeking for Business App is available on Google Play and the App Store.

2. Check in regularly during the day.

Having a smart phone, an iPad, or a tablet can make this more convenient for you. Wherever you are, you can check leads and quote on jobs that interest you. You no longer have to wait to get home or to be in your office to access the website through a computer.

3. Ask someone to check the leads and quote for you if you can’t monitor the site all the time.

Of course, checking leads is impossible if you’re working on a task or if you’re busy with a project. In this case, having someone to check leads and quote on jobs for you is ideal.

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