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Painters Karl & Faydi don’t settle for second best and have over 100 positive reviews

Meet Karl.

When Karl and his brother Faydi were young, they used to help their uncle paint homes on the weekends and school holidays. They loved and enjoyed the profession so much that they started their own business alongside their builder father-in-law, Nash. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, today Modern Tradies is one of ServiceSeeking’s top businesses with over 100 positive reviews to prove it.

Their small, family-run business based in western Sydney offers building, interior and exterior painting and renovations. Karl says that alongside his brother and father-in-law, his “team has grown over the years and given many opportunities for apprentices to gain experience and move onto larger companies.”

Karl is passionate about his work, and says the best part of his job is “seeing and hearing the customers feedback in relation to how much they like our work and professionalism.”

“We do not settle for second best, our job needs to be number one, otherwise we are not satisfied,” he says.

Karl and his team pride themselves on painting every customers home as if it were their own, and says he loves transforming older houses into newer, more modern homes.

“I’ll always remember a job we did on an old 1950’s home. It was the toughest home to paint because it had been neglected, collected rust and mould and so forth. Faydi and I worked our magic, and restored this house into a modern home and helped the owner increase the selling price by over $50,000 at the time. It the toughest job we have done, but it was also the most satisfying end result.”

Speaking of satisfying clients, Karl says that customer feedback has been important in helping his business gain a credible reputation over the years.
“By allowing other potential customers to view existing feedback allows us to reach to our customers in the respect that they can see what kind of company they are dealing with. Generally, positive feedback will help them make up their mind in regards to whether or not to hire us.”

There is no denying that Karl, Faydi and Nash are proud business owners, with an edge that puts them above their competitors.

“We are one of a kind business out there. We have 113 positive reviews and are number 1 in Australia for painting and building for 3 years in a
row. We pride ourselves on our customer service, quality and professionalism. Service Seeking has definitely helped us build our business from the bottom up and we are grateful that they have helped us reach our goals.”