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Cris from CMK Electrical and Data

Cris Finds Problems that Other Sparkies Miss

Cris from CMK Electrical & Data is an all-round Sydney electrician, servicing within a 50km radius of the city. With 10 years experience under his belt, Cris can handle industrial, commercial and residential jobs, from repairs to upgrades and safety checks. Cris works with CMK Electrical & Data, a family-owned-and-run business that has won awards at a national level and boasts 93 reviews on – and counting! 
Cris was introduced to by a friend in 2014 and loves how accessible the website is for both customers and businesses.
“On the app everything is really accessible and well structured. The information is all right in front of you. All the details about the job, the customer and the phone number is listed so I can SMS them straight away. If they like my quote they can choose to call me and if they don’t then I don’t have to waste their time or mine.”
He says the most enjoyable part of his work is getting the chance to meet new people and help customers out of tricky situations.
“I like meeting new customers day to day and providing the service that guarantees satisfaction to the customer. My reputation is to keep the customer satisfied at all times and are sure the job is done as per discussed.”
“I’m providing a service that is a necessity of day to day living. I love doing emergency jobs and getting people out of a sticky situation. I think the most rewarding aspect of my job is helping others in a situation and finding problems that other electricians can’t.”
What tips does Cris have for finding the right tradie?
“Definitely look out for the reviews and have a look at their experience. Don’t just take the cheapest price into consideration, look at what kind of business they are – reputation is everything.”
 Contact Cris or check out his impressive portfolio of work by visiting his profile.