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What are the colorbond colours? Image source: trubilt

What Are the Colorbond Colours?

There are 24 Colorbond colors in total. They are not made only for the colorbond fences. They are also used for roofing, gutters, fascia and other parts of your home. Additionally, the colours are classified into several classes: Fencing, Classic, Contemporary, Ultra and the newest among them is the Matt finish. All of the colours have trademarked names and they are said to have been inspired by colours of Australia.

Fencing Colorbond Colours: Basalt, Domain, Dune, Evening Haze, Ironstone, Jasper, Monument, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Riversand, Shale Gray, Surfmist, Wilderness, Woodland Grey.

Classic Colorbond Colours: Classic Cream, Cottage Green, Deep Ocean, Manor Red, Night Sky, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Woodland Grey.

Contemporary Colorbond Colours: Basalt, Cove, Dune, Evening Haze, Gully, Ironstone, Jasper, Mangrove, Monument, Shale Grey, Surfmist, Terrain, Wallaby, Windspray.

Ultra Colorbond Colours: Dune, Monument, Surfmist, Wallaby, Windspray, Woodland Grey.

Matt Colorbond Colours: Basalt, Dune, Monument, Shale Grey, Surfmist.

You will notice that some of the colours are in several classes. That is because these classes are nothing more than inspiration and the palettes that you should consider when picking the colorbond fencing for your home. Once you pick your colorbond colours, you should also pick the type of colorbond fence you want and find the installer to set it all up for you.

What Colorbond Colour is Paperbark?

This is one of the most famous colorbond colours. This is a colorbond colour that fits well into all sorts of environments. It will work well in urban spaces, but also in the countryside. The colour is warm and the tones are neutral. It resembles sandy colours.

Image source: empirefencing

Paperbark colorbond colour belongs to the Fencing and Classic colorbond palettes. Similar colours to Paperbark are: Classic Cream, Domain and Evening Haze.

Classic Cream is a bit brighter than Paperbark. The same goes for Domain, but the Domain has a bit more warmer tones than Classic Cream. Evening Haze looks like there is a drop of green in the sandy shade of Paperbark. On the other hand, if you want a colour that is a bit deeper than Paperbark, you can check Riversand.

Colorbond colours that go well with Paperbark colorbond panels are Wilderness and Pale Eucalypt. Both of these hues are natural deep green colours that would look great as frames for this warm panel colour. You can experiment by using Woodland Grey or Basalt for cold tones as the lattice and the posts. The options are endless.

What Colorbond Colour Is Monument?

Monument is one of the colourbond colours that is in the deep gray range. It is mainly meant to be the colorbond colour for the urban settings. It goes well with minimalistic design and adds a layer of soothing depth to the overall design of your home.

Image source: platinumbarriers

Monument colorbond colour fits into Matt, Fencing and Ultra categories. If you are looking into that sort of gray colours for your colorbond fencing, you can also check out Woodland Grey, Ironstone, Basalt and Night Sky.

Night Sky is the darkest colour from the colorbond colours palette. It is almost black and it is darker than the deep gray Monument. The closest to the monument shade is probably Woodland Grey.

It is also a shade of deep gray, but it comes from the palette of deep olive tones. For the more purple and blue shades to your gray, you may want to check Ironstone. Basalt is simply a bit lighter grey.

Combining Monument with other colours is not difficult. It would go perfectly with lighter colours for contrast. It all depends what you want to achieve. For example, the deep hues of Monument fencing could be cheered up perfectly with Surfmist or Domain lattice. If you have a lot of greenery on your property, you could even use Evening Haze for the lattice and emphasise the natural ambiance.

Can You Paint Over Colorbond Fencing?

In short – you can paint over your colorbond fence. The longer version starts by explaining that you should definitely think twice before starting such project. It is better to simply replace your colorbond fence with something else than to repaint it.

If you are determined to repaint your colorbond fence at any cost, make sure you are using acrylic paints and that you are preparing the colorbond fence properly. This means washing it and sanding it, so that the new paint can attach to the colorbond fence properly.

After all, there are more than 20 colorbond colours for your fencing that you can choose from. Moreover, you can combine those colours and have posts and lattice in a different shade. It is even possible to have one side of the fence in one and the other one in other colorbond colour. There are two reasons why you should not paint over colorbond fencing:

  • You will lose your warranty
  • You will diminish the durability of the fence

These two reasons are originating from the same issue – in order to apply new paint, you will have to sand the colorbond fencing or just repaint your colorbond fence and over the colorbond colour. If you do that, you will have to damage the topcoat and probably the underlying coats, as well. This will make your colorbond fence susceptible to corrosion and other influence of the environmental conditions.

If you do that, obviously the warranty will be waived, as well, because the colorbond fence doesn’t not have the protective properties that the manufacturer designed them to have. Therefore, there can be no guarantees that they will resist corrosion and other damages.

Consult the professional colorbond fence installers and see what they have to say about the colorbond colours. They will have some tips for your property, for sure. Also, their services don’t have to be expensive if you shop around a bit. Now, this is easier than ever. Get several quotes for colorbond fence installation from Australian professionals.

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