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How much does it cost to install a colourbond fence? Image source: fenceperts

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Colorbond Fence?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 for a colorbond fence around a 10 m x 10 m property in Australia. This colorbond fence price can be broken down to the price of colorbond fence panels and the price of colorbond fence installation.

However, you can choose to work around these factors and simply hire a colorbond fence installation expert that will charge you by the project with material included. So, there are several options to choose from and to be sure that you are not overpaying for your colorbond fence, you need to learn the details behind these pricings.

Get quotes from several installation experts in Australia and compare their colorbond fencing prices. That is the surest way to pay the optimal price for your project and not overpay the entire fencing.

In order to check the colorbond fencing prices, let’s start with the price of the colorbond fencing panels.

How Much Is a Panel of Colorbond Fencing?

Colorbond fencing panels come in different heights. The taller the fence panel is, the pricier it gets. Simply, more material goes into the fence and that raises the price. Here are some prices for colorbond fence panels:

How Much Is a Panel of Colorbond Fencing?
Panel dimensionsPrice range
1200 mm x 2400 mm$60 – $70
1500 mm x 2400 mm$66 – $80
1800 mm x 2400 mm$74 – $88
2100 mm x 2400 mm$87 – $106

There are different types of panels and the prices can go up to $200 per panel. It all depends whether you are purchasing just the sheet, or the price includes the rails, posts, lattice, screws and other items necessary for your colorbond fence.

Another price you should be aware of is the price of colorbond fence installation. The prices above are for the material, but you can expect for the labour to be approximately in the same price range. You can expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $80 per metre for the installation.

The lower range of the prices is reserved for those colorbond fences that need to be installed on a flat terrain that doesn’t have slopes. There is no need for removing too many stones and rocks and there are no holes to be filled. In other words, if the terrain is nice, even and flat, the installation is cheaper.

The prices of colorbond fence installation are different from one state to another in Australia. The most expensive Australian state when it comes to colorbond fencing prices is Western Australia with $65 per metre. The most expensive one is Victoria with $75. New South Wales and Queensland have similar average prices of $74 per metre.

What determines these prices?

Factors of Colorbond Fencing Cost

You can expect the price of colorbond fence installation to go anywhere from $65 to $110. There are many factors that determine this price and you should be prepared to negotiate your price based on these factors. Therefore, let’s start by examining them one by one so you can find some room for discounts for your project.

Necessary commute – If your colorbond fence installation experts need to travel very far to your property to install your fence, it may cost you extra. Colorbond fence installation cannot be complete in one go, because there is some concrete pouring involved. Therefore, several trips to and from your property can ramp up the price.

Installation difficulties – It is more difficult to instal colorbond fencing that is on a steep terrain or on the slopes. If the terrain is full of holes or rocks, they need to be removed first. The installation will also be a bit challenging if you want fencing with irregular shapes. With more factors that make the installation challenging, it is possible to move closer to the upper range of the pricing.

Colorbond fencing size – you can expect to pay more for a small colorbond fence than for a big one. At least per metre. For example a 40 m fence can be priced at $74, while a 10 m fence can be priced at $100. It all depends on the factors, but also keep in mind that some installers have a minimum price.

Colorbond Fence Price Calculator

Now that you have all these factors in front of you, as well as the prices, we can try and calculate the colorbond fencing cost on an imaginary example. In that way, you will be able to see how the price is calculated and you can recreate that process yourself.

We need to come up with some imaginary facts, so we can see how the colorbond fence calculator works. Let’s say that your property is 10 m x 35 m. This imaginary property is in Victoria and there is no preparation work needed for the fence to be installed. The height of the colorbond fence is 1.5 m.

The overall colorbond fence would have to be 10 m + 10 m + 35 m + 35 m = 90 m. This means that the price of installation would be different for different states:

Australian statePrice of colorbond fence installation per metrePrice of colorbond fence installation for 90 m
Western Australia$65$5,850

Now you need to add the price of material to this price. We said that, for the sake of example, we will use the fence that is 1.8 m high. Since the length of the entire fence is 90 m, by dividing that by 2.4 m we will get the number of colorbond fence panels we need. 90 / 2.4 = 37.5. Since we cannot find a half of a panel, we will round this up to 38 panels in dimensions 1.8 m x 2.4 m.

Now let’s get back to our table and see that the expected price for this type of panels ranges $74 – $88. With this additional number, we can calculate the expected range of this project in different states:

Australian statePrice of colorbond fence installation per metrePrice of colorbond fence installation for 90 mPrice for material (38 panels)Total cost
Western Australia$65$5,850$2,812 – $3,344$8,662 – $9,194
NSW$74$6,660$2,812 – $3,344$9,472 – $10,004
Queensland$74$6,660$2,812 – $3,344$9,472 – $10,004
Victoria$75$6,750$2,812 – $3,344$9,562 – $10,094

Keep in mind that these are just rough estimates and they can be changed a lot. You may be able to find the material for lower prices or you may even ramp up the prices by picking special colorbond fence panels with lattice.

Also, it is possible to get better prices for the colorbond fence installation. Ask for a colorbond fence quote from different Australian installers. Once you gather all those quotes, it will be easy to negotiate and get the right price for your colorbond fence.

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