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How wide are colorbond fence panels? Screenshot source: cmiwa

How Wide Are Colorbond Fence Panels?

In most cases, the colorbond fence panels are 2400 mm wide. Actually, that is a roundup number, as the panels themselves are usually somewhere around 2380 mm. There are also a wide variation of 3150 mm that is rarely used.

This is the width of the panels themselves. You need to keep in mind that there are also posts that are necessary for the colorbond fence installation. These posts are U shaped and they are attached back to back so that they can easily receive the edges of the colorbond fence panels. In corners, they can be attached to the hollow square post, as well.

These are all the details that your colorbond fence installation experts will know about and take care off. Don’t worry about the price of installation for the colorbond fence because it pays off. Your installer will prepare the soil, dig the holes, pour the concrete and install the entire fence.

That is a lot of work for one person, especially because you can easily find an affordable installer. You just need to compare the colorbond fence quote that you get from several installers and see which one fits your budget. This search for quotes doesn’t have to be time consuming. Get quotes at Service Seeking and make your decision effortlessly.

How High is Standard Colorbond Fence?

Colorbond fence panels for the regular, flat terrain range from 1200 mm to 2100 mm. The standard heights are:

  • 1200 mm
  • 1500 mm
  • 1800 mm
  • 2100 mm

However, if you are planning on installing your colorbond fence on the slopes, you will need higher panels to maintain the fence height. Therefore, there are sometimes, colorbond panels that reach up to 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm that are made for this special situations.

Why don’t you just use the high panels on your regular fencing? It is against the law! For the most part, in Australia, the fences should not be taller than 2300 mm measured from the ground level. If you are installing a fence in an industrial area, then you may go up to 2700 mm.

If there is a good reason why you would need a taller colorbond fence, you would have to take in up to the local council and file for the permit.

How to Recognise Real Colorbond Fencing?

Colorbond fencing panels are highly durable and they are produced in a special, patented way that makes them as amazing as they are. However, this also means that there will be some copycats and that they will try and sell their own merchandise to you. This doesn’t mean that their fencing will be bad, but it will not be colorbond. There are two ways to check your panels.

Take a look at the invoice – The name of colorbond fencing is trademarked. This means that you cannot use it freely in anyway you like. This also means that an official seller cannot list an item as colorbond product if it is not that kind of product. In other words, if it says “colorbond” on the invoice, it should be colorbond fence.

Take a closer look at the colorbond panels – In order not to leave anything to chance, colorbond panels are engraved with the word “colorbond” on them. This is a subtle engraving and it is visible on the both sides of the colorbond panels. This word will be engraved three times on one 2400 mm wide panel.

Always do your check before purchasing the panels for your fencing. You can never be too careful, so it is best if you use the panels you purchase from the trusted sources. Now that you understand how the colorbond fencing is checked, the question arises – what is it anyway? What is this great fencing material? Let’s answer that question, as well.

What Is Colorbond Fencing?

It you want to understand what the colorbond fencing is, the shortest answer to this question is – pre-painted steel. However, that answer does not contain all the information about what colorbond fencing really is. To understand it, we should start from the base.

The base or the very core of your colorbond fence material is steel. This is a special zincalume steel that is created by following all the important Australian Standards regarding steel. On that base, there are several other coatings that improve the colorbond fence performance:

  1. Metallic coating
  2. Preparatory coating
  3. Primer
  4. Colorbond colour topcoat

Metallic coating is the coating that has been patented by the BlueScope. It is special Activate technology that provides the resilience to corrosion-causing elements.

Preparatory coating is needed so that the protective coating and the coating that ensures the proper adhesion of the paints are well connected to each other.

Primer is needed for the paint to stick well to the surface of the steel. The primer is baked into the surface so that its connection to the steel is strong.

Colorbond colour topcoat consists of the carefully applied paint that is applied to the base by baking. Therefore, this paint is not something that can be chipped or peeled away from the steel. It is basically a part of the steel itself, so forget about cracking.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Colorbond Fence?

The price of colorbond panels ranges from $66 to $110 per panel. The colorbond fence installation is $65 to $75 per metre. These two factors create the final price of your colorbond fencing. This means that if you have a lot of luck and you want to use the lowest colorbond panels (they are the cheapest), you can hope for the following numbers:

For example, let’s say that the total length of your future colorbond fence is 45 m. This means that your colorbond fence installation will go anywhere from roughly $2,900 to $3,375, if you take into account that this is the average price of installation.

To get the price of the material, you need to turn those length metres into colorbond fence panels. Since one panel is 2.4 m, you can fit 18.75 panels in there. To round this up, let’s say it’s 19 panels. The price for 19 colorbond panels is anywhere from $1,254 to $2,000. You could say that the price of your colorbond fencing for 45 m can be anywhere from $4,154 to $5, 375.

This is just an estimate that is based on the imaginary example. If you really want to know the precise price of the colorbond fence installation you need to ask the professionals. Get the quotes for your colorbond fence installation from Australian professionals.

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