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How much does a colorbond gate cost? Image source: Pinterest

How Much Does a Colorbond Gate Cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from $500 for a pedestrian colorbond gate, up to $1300 for a double car colorbond gate. These are all costs for more or less standard colorbond fencing sizes. You will probably have to order the custom size gates and wait for them for a while.

The price of colorbond gates usually come with gate panels and posts. Your colorbond fencing installer will also include all the necessary screws, hinges and D-latch. In most cases, the standard sizes of your gate posts are 5 cm, 7.5 cm or 10 cm.

You will probably combine your colorbond gate with colorbond fencing. The installation of this entire fencing system depends on several factors. On average, you can expect to be charged between $65 and $100 per metre. The factors that influence this colorbond fence installation price are:

Size – larger colorbond fence can be cheaper to instal per metre than a small fence. Keep in mind that some installers don’t take up projects that are too small for them. For example, it is quite possible that you’ll be charged $95 per metre for a colorbond fence that is 15m long. At the same time, if the fence is 40m long, the colorbond fence price can be $75.

Destination – if there is daily commute is necessary for your fence installation, you will probably be charged more. The additional cost is there to cover the transportation expenses and the time spent on the road.

Project complexity – in case of colorbond fencing, the complexity usually means whether the terrain is a sloping surface or not. Besides that, a terrain that doesn’t have proper drainage or is full of holes and rock is difficult for installation.

Materials – sometimes, people opt to install colorbond gate to the fences of different materials. This will definitely influence the price because the project may be difficult to do. Additionally, some of these projects are not advisable. Colorbond fence panels should not be in constant contact with different materials due to different features. Ask your installer about this if you plan a mixed material project.

Your colorbond fence installer may have different ways they form their colorbond fence price. Ask for colorbond fence quote from several professional installers and see how they price your project.

How Do You Instal Colorbond Fence?

Colorbond fence installation can be a DIY project only if you have a nice flat surface and you are quote skilled with the tools. Also, keep in mind that you will probably need help since the sheets are sometimes challenging to handle on your own.

Remember that you will need to pour concrete for the base of your poles. If that is not something you think you can do, it’s better to hire a professional. Here are the steps to take when installing a colorbond fence.

  1. Create a straight line using string.
  2. Mark the right distance between posts using plinth.
  3. Dig the holes for the posts with 2.4m between them.
  4. Position posts two by two.
  5. Check again if your colorbond fence is about to be leveled well.
  6. Create the concrete base for the posts and install your posts.
  7. Install the bottom rail.
  8. Install the panel.
  9. Install the top rail.

As you can see the most complicated part of the colorbond fence installation is to make sure that the posts are evenly installed. There is a bit of work around installing the posts, but once they are done, the rails and the colorbond fence panels are not that difficult to attach.

You just start from the bottom up. The bottom rails go first and then panels and then the top rails. If you like, you can install lattice over the top panel. You should decide whether you want the lattice before you begin with the colorbond fence installation. Not all railings support the lattice, so you will have to pick the type that does before installing it.

Also, when you are installing the colorbond fence panels, you need to ask somebody to help you with that. They are 2.4 m long and at least 1.5 m high. That is a big sheet of steel that you need to manage on your own. Therefore, don’t hesitate and ask somebody to help you, at least to hold the sheets for you while you install them.

How to Choose Your Colorbond Fencing Style?

Image source: multifencing

There is so much more to colorbond fencing than just plain sheets of steel in colorbond colours. You can customise your colorbond fencing and here are some of the ways to do that:

  • Classic colorbond fence panels
  • Colorbond fence panels in two colorbond colours
  • Decorative top lattice
  • Mixing materials with colorbond fencing

Classic Colorbond Fence Panels in Colorbond Colours

The plain colorbond fence panels come in 14 standard colorbond colours. However, recently, some new colours have been added, so now you can choose from 24 colorbond colours, 14 of them available for fencing. This means that you have more than decent choice and you can easily find the colour that matches your facade and roof. In that way, your fence will add to the curb appeal of your home, as well as to its security.

Colorbond Fence Panels in Two Colorbond Colours

One of the best things about the colorbond fencing is that its sides don’t have to be of the same colour. For example, you can choose red on the outside and green for the inside part of the fence. You may not see right away, why you would be bothered by this, but think about your neighbour.

You could offer them the option of picking the colour of the fencing that they face every day, while you can still keep the colourbond colour that you like on your side.

Decorative Top Lattice

You can choose the lattice that comes on the top of your colorbond fence panels making it more interesting and appealing. It can be straight or cross-hatched. There are many colorbond colours to choose from and, the best part is – nobody says you have to choose the same colour for your colorbond fence panels and your lattice.

Combine two colours and enjoy the variety. For example, you could pick the same colorbond colours for the poles and the lattice and a complementary colour for your colorbond fence panels. The possibilities are endless.

Mixing Materials with Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing panels can look really good. However, they can be even more interesting when combined with different materials, like wood. Avoid making combinations in which your colorbond fence panels need to get in direct contact with other metals.

Sometimes, this is not the best idea. Ask the manufacturer about this before starting any projects that involve combinations of colorbond and other metals.

Your gate and your colorbond fence will be a durable, stylish and colourful addition to your home. This project doesn’t have to be too expensive and you can reduce those costs even more if your hire the perfect colorbond fence installer. Ask for quotes from several experts and pick the one that matches your budget.

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