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Cost of ceiling fan installation

Last updated: 9th Jun 2019

Although basic ceiling fans can be relatively cheap to purchase, intallation must be carried out by a qualified electrician to proper Australian standards. Eletricians charge an average rate of $77/hr for ceiling fan installation. The price, however, can go down to $69/hr if the job is pretty straightforward. Complicated installations, on the other hand, can go up to $80/hr. On average, ceiling fan installation jobs cost between $200 – $400. The cost per fan install can be redueced if multiple fans are being installed at one time.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Ceiling Fan Installers on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.

Ceiling fan installation prices from real customers

Linda from NSW
Job details: She needed to install four ceiling fans with wall plate controls. These fans also come with lights, and they’ll go in place of existing light fittings.
Other details: One fan had to be hung from a vault ceiling. An extension rod was needed, but this was provided by the customer.
Darren from Qld
Job details: He had to install four ceiling fans with lights.
Job details: She had three ceiling fans with LED lights that needed to be installed.

ceiling fan installation costFactors that can affect the cost of ceiling fan installation

Installing ceiling fans is typically a straightforward type of work. However, because the tasks and circumstances vary from job to job, the price of the service changes as well. Here are some things that can influence the cost of a ceiling fan installation service.

Number of ceiling fans

It’s common for businesses to charge per fan, so you can expect to pay a higher rate if you have a couple or more ceiling fans to be installed. If you have old fans that need to be removed, this can incur additional fees too.


Remote-controlled ceiling fans are generally easier to use and install. However, if you prefer to have a wall switch for your fan, rewiring may be needed. This can make the installation a bit difficult to carry out, thus increasing the cost.

Other circumstances

New or additional wiring is sometimes needed for ceiling fans to be installed. Electricians can charge extra for these especially if complicated issues suddenly arise. The height of the ceiling is a factor too as it will determine the ease or difficulty of accessing the area.

Why you should hire a professional to install your ceiling fan

Safety should be enough reason for you to book the services of a licensed tradie. This is to ensure that your ceiling fan will be installed properly. If you’re converting a light switch to a wall switch, this can make the job more complicated. This will definitely require the expertise of a sparkie.

Pricing information correct as at October 2017.

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