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How much is colorbond fence? Image source: homesteadfencing

How Much Is Colorbond Fence?

There are two costs you need to think about when you want to calculate your colorbond fencing price. The first is the price of the colorbond fence panels and the second is the price of the colorbond fence installation.

Colorbond fence panelsColorbond fence installation
$66 – $87$65 – $75 per metre

The difference in colorbond fence panels prices is mainly due to their dimensions here. While the length of the colorbond fence panels is usually 2.4 m, the height is the dimension that changes. The lowest panels are around 1.2 m, but they can be as high as 2.1 m. There are several more dimensions in between that are offered as standard dimensions.

As for the price of installation, it depends on the following factors:

Location – It seems that the location of your home plays an important role. Some Australian states have higher prices of installation while you will get a lower colorbond fence quote in others. Also, your installer may charge you more if they have to drive to distant and remote parts.

Terrain – Ideal terrain for your colorbond fencing is even, flat and well-drained surface that is easy to dig. Digging is important due to pole installation and draining is important because it saves the fence from possible corrosion. As for the slopes and landslides, it is very difficult to install colorbond fencing on that sort of terrain and only professionals should do it. However, that costs more.

Preparation work – If there already is some sort of fence around your property, it needs to be removed first and in some cases, that even means you will have to level the ground where the fence used to be. All that preparation will be included in your colorbond fence installation.

How Much Does a Colorbond Fence Cost per Metre in Australia?

Different states in Australia have different colorbond fence installation prices. You can check these prices per metre in this table:

StatePrice per metre
Western Australia$65
New South Wales$74

So, based on these examples, let’s try and calculate an average colorbond fence installation price. For example, let’s say you have a property that is 15 m x 10 m. This means that you need colorbond fencing which is 50 m long.

For the sake of calculation, we will say that this property is in the New South Wales, that the terrain is not overly problematic and that the owner is opting for a plain 1.5 m tall colorbond fence.

Colorbond fence panels are 2.4 m long. For 50 m, you will need around 21 panels. 21 panel with the price of $66 per panel brings us to $1,260. That is the price of material.

To this number, we should add the price of work. $74 per metre for 50 m is $3,700. All you have to do now is add the cost of material with the cost of work. Together, this makes it $4, 960.

What Is Colorbond Fencing Made Of?

Colorbond fencing material consists of a galvanised steel base and special coatings that make it resistant to corrosion. This type of fencing is also famous for the special colorbond colors that are very durable and not prone to chipping and other types of damage.

This is possible due to the unique, patented processes that are used in its production. The entire process is conducted under ISO 14021:2001 for recycled content.

From what you’ve read above, you can conclude that the colorbond fencing is made out of the following elements:

  1. Galvanised steel base
  2. Anti-corrosion coating
  3. Pre-treatment layer
  4. Paint primer
  5. Colorbond colour paint

Galvanised steel base – Truth be told colorbond fence is not made out of plain galvanised steel. However, this is as much as you will find out about it because the process is patented and created in order to manufacture steel that will work best under Australian conditions.

Anti-corrosion coating – This is is the closest coating to the steel base. It makes sure that even if, by some chance, the moisture penetrates the colorbond colour and other layers and reaches the steel itself, this is one of the strongest lines of defence against the corroding influences.

Pre-treatment layer – When the steel base is formed and there is a nice layer that protects it from corrosion is there, it is time to prepare it for the primer and the colorbond colour paint. That is precisely what the pre-treatment layer is for.

Paint primer – Just like with any other painting work, the paint needs its primer. This primer is baked on the the metal. It also has the anti-corrosive properties and helps the overall resistance of the steel base.

Colorbond color paint – This special type of paint is also baked onto the steel as its top coat. This special, patented procedure guarantees the long lasting life of this lead-free paint. It doesn’t peel off, fade or crack due to this process of painting.

Is Colorbond Fencing Expensive?

This is something for you to decide. It may not be the cheapest option when it comes to the initial investment, but it definitely pays off on the long run. The maintenance costs are next to nothing and there is no need for repainting, scrubbing and sanding. All it takes is occasional hosing down and it is good to go.

Add up how much money you spend every year for repainting of your fence whether you do it yourself or have somebody else do it for you. There are no such costs with colorbond fencing. It looks as good as new, for a long time. Even if you think that one of the colourbond fence panels is damaged, simply replace it and nobody will notice.

Ask for quotes from several colorbond fence installation professionals and see if this amazing fence pays off for you. With several quotes you will be able to choose the one you think works the best for you and reduce the initial investment in your fencing. Therefore, your colorbond fencing will not be expensive.

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