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Cost of Double Glazed Windows

Last updated: 13th Jun 2019

Based on quotes submitted to in 2018, the average price for double glazed windows is approximately $1,350 per square metre. This price includes both supply and installation by a qualified window installer, however you can lower your costs by measuring, ordering and purchasing the windows yourself in order to pay for labour costs only, which are usually charged at around $80 per hour by a qualified fitter.

Although the costs of double glazing is significantly higher compared to normal windows, the lifetime savings in terms of reduced heating and cooling costs can pay for the additional expense after a 5-10 year period, depending on the level of insulation for the rest of the house, external environment and efficiency of your home’s existing climate control system.

Noise Insulation Benefits of Double Glazing

In addition to better temperature insulation within your home, double glazing also provides an additional layer of noise insulation, making street facing windows a suitable candidate for double glazing.

This can be particularly important if the front room is a bedroom or commonly used living area and a relatively small investment into double glazing front windows can have a larger positive impact on total house value for resale.

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Cost of Double Glazing Vs Single Glazed Windows

The comparative cost is that double glazed windows are approximately one third more expensive than conventional single glazed windows using the same external materials.

It is more cost effective to install double glazed windows for new home builds as you will not have to factor in the cost of removing an existing window unit (retrofit) which often adds 10-20% more to the total cost.

Double Glazed Installation Jobs From Real Customers

Malcolm from NSW: Replacement aluminium windows
Materials: I need materials sourced for the job
Requirements: I have old wooden windows and am looking for the cheapest aluminium replacement double glazed windows. The whole house needs to be done, but need to do it in steps due to finances but can order all of them if the price is right.
Total Cost: $5,000
Sam from VIC: Requires 4 doubled glazed windows with supplied measurements
Materials: I need materials sourced for the job
Requirements: Number of windows: 4+
Site Visit: Yes
1300 fixed, 1650 (1 opening), 2150 and 2600 (both 2 openings). All 1400 high, upvc double glazed, top hung windows preferred. With horizontal bar running at top.
Total Cost: $5,000
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