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Cost of Hiring a Carpenter

Last updated: 22nd Oct 2018

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The average cost of carpentry in Australia stands at $50/hr, but prices can still change depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the job as well as the cost of materials. In general, prices range from as low as $45/hr to as high as $60/hr.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Carpenters on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.
carpentry work includes decking

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Carpentry prices from real customers

Tracey from QLD: Architraves and skirting
Needed to install 100 lineal metres of architraves and skirting
Odette from NSW: Door frame installation
Needed to install a timber frame with a track for a sliding fly screen door
Marina from NSW: Various handyman jobs
Needed a custom-built bureau; installation of kitchen storage solutions; bathroom tile regrouting; replacement of bathroom and kitchen sink; other minor jobs
TOTAL COST: $2,000

Cost of common carpentry jobs

Carpentry Task Typical Quoted Prices
Timber decking $5,000
Pergola construction $3,000
Custom built furniture $2,000
Timber door installation $1,400
Patio building $6,000

Other factors at play

A “one size fits all” approach does not apply when estimating how much you’ll spend on a project. There are several factors that you should consider including:

  • Labour costs
  • Cost of materials
  • Size of the job
  • The type and complexity of the project

As a rule of thumb, the simpler the job, the less it costs. Decks and pergolas are among the biggest and most complex types of work, so they’re usually the priciest.

What to look out for when hiring


The qualification for carpenters in Australia is the Certificate III in Carpentry (Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery; Certificate III in General Construction (Carpentry); and Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery Trade TAFE are also all legitimate).

However, those with more than four years of experience can gain the qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning.


Have an open discussion with your prospective carpenter about their insurance. Ensure that you’re both clear about the process should you not be satisfied with the results. The best carpenters will be frank about their insurance documents, and their complaints procedure. If the carpenter isn’t willing to discuss this, they should be avoided.


Before handing over any money, check the contract. Ensure everything’s covered- a start and completion date, detailed description of work, and a detailed description of materials. These factors are all really important for getting an accurate quote and ensuring you’re not ripped off.

See a sample

Carpentry is often intricate and complicated. If possible, see a sample of their work, so you have an idea of their skill and expertise.

Pricing information correct as at May 2017.

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