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How Much Does a Professional Photographer Charge per Hour?

Last updated: 23rd Aug 2019

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What Is the Average Price of a Photographer?
Why Photographers Charge What They Do?
How Much Does Professional Photography Cost in Australia?
How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Photographer for an Event?
How Do I Choose the Right Photographer?

Hiring a professional photographer for your event will cost you around $100/hr on average. Simple shoots or those performed by semi-professional freelancer can start from $75/hr. However, if you want more than the basic photography package for special events that include multiple cameras and special lighting equipment, prepare to pay from$150/hr.

The average price of a photographer
Amateur photographer$25-$75 per hour
Students of photography$50 – $100 per hour
Professional photographer – beginner$50-$150 per hour
Professional photographer – experienced$75 – $250 per hour
Professional photographer – high-end$250 – $500 per hour

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Photographers on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.

What Is the Average Price of a Photographer?

Taking everything into account, the average price for a professional event photographer is around $108/hr. This price will depend on the type of event and the photographer’s experience and reputation. Doing a portrait photoshoot for a portfolio is a completely different job from doing wedding photography.

How Much Should a Photographer Charge for a Wedding?

Wedding photography is one of the most popular services provided by photographers, and a standard package will cost you approximately $650, however comprehensive packages including high-quality prints and digital copies of all photos, multiple photographers on-site for the whole day can cost upwards of $3,000.

Before shelling out that money, make sure you agree with your photographer on all the details about your wedding photo shoot. Don’t think you are boring them with your questions. It is easier for them to work if they know your expectations.

How Much Do Photographers Charge for Family Portraits?

If you want to get your family’s picture taken by a professional, you should prepare around $240 for a simple photo shoot that will last for about a couple of hours, either at a studio or on location.

How Much Should I Pay for Product Photography?

Product photographers charge an approximate price of $255 for a package that just covers the essentials. Meanwhile, a basic, two-hour baby photography session will cost you about $260.

Often though, the total cost will be dependent on the number of products and time involved to photograph each item. As product photography can be highly specialised, hourly rates can range from between $80-$150 per hour.

Why Photographers Charge What They Do?

Some of the factors that influence the price of photography are as follows:

  • Photo quality, both artistic and technical
  • The value of the photographer on the market
  • Competitors’ prices
  • Equipment and the materials used
  • Format of the photography (digital, printed, framed)
  • Other services (travelling to the site, setting the site, time spent on consultations and possible changes)

Professional photographers charge based on their expertise and experience. While it may seem like they are charging too much for just several hours of work, you need to consider the work they put in to be where they are now.

To be able to create such amazing photos in such time-frame, you need to have hours, days, months and years of unpaid practice under your belt. Professional photographers invest in their training, equipment and neverending practice. All that effort is included in the price they charge.

How Much Does Professional Photography Cost in Australia?

Click the infographic image to expand.

Western Australia photographers are charging an average rate of around $150/hr, the highest average price across Australia.

Meanwhile, South Australia residents are paying about $130/hr for professional photography services. Queensland is not far behind with an average photography cost of around $125/hr.

In New South Wales, photography businesses offer their services at an average price of $100/hr. Victoria has the lowest average photography cost at approximately $85/hr.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Photographer for an Event?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $3,000 and even more. While exploring some average prices can give you a general idea about pro photography rates, you will get precise estimates once you contact professional photographers on Service Seeking.

Here are some real-life examples from people who hired a professional event photographer from Service Seeking.

Jo from VIC: Wedding Photography
Coverage: 10 hours wedding day coverage + 1 hour pre-wedding photo shoot; 1 photographer
Package inclusions: 1 20-page hardcover photo album; Unlimited images edited and provided on USB or DVD
TOTAL COST: $1,500
Tiffany from SA: Product Photography
Coverage: 1 hour photo shoot for furniture
Package inclusions: Digitally delivered images and full image usage rights
Chris from QLD: Event Photography
Coverage: Unlimited event coverage for a birthday function
Package inclusions: Unlimited full resolution photos on USB
Kim from QLD: Family & Portrait Photography
Coverage: 2 hours indoor photoshoot for a family of 5-6 adults and a baby boy
Package inclusions: Full-resolution, professionally edited digital files

How Do I Choose the Right Photographer?

You need to think about two things when trying to choose the right photographer:

  • The photographer’s skill and reputation
  • The specifics of your own project

If you want to find a good and reliable photographer, you need to take a look at their portfolio and check the reviews of their previous clients. Whether it is your wedding or a family portrait, you want good photos, but also a pleasant experience.

You can hire a professional photographer on Service Seeking. In that way, you can be in full control of your budget and you will be able to see the reviews people left them. A reliable five-star photographer that fits your budget is what you need.

You will be in control of your budget because professional photographers will send you their quotes. However, for them to send a precise quote, you need to list out the requirements for your photoshoot.

This takes us to the second important factor – the specifics of your project.

Do you want your photographer to be there for an entire day? Do you want the photographs printed out or only sent to you via email, on a DVD or something entirely different? Is it an indoor or an outdoor photo shoot? Is there only one person or many? There are man factors to discuss.

That is why Service Seeking is a great option when you want to hire a professional photographer. You can discuss all this even before making any kind of commitment or hire anybody.

Pricing information correct as at October 2017.

Disclaimer: Our cost estimates are based on quotes for professional photography services and are useful as a guide only.

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