What is the cost of professional accounting services?

accounting jobsThe cost of accounting services in Australia varies depending on the specific service. Bookkeeping services cost around $40/hr, while personal tax services are at approximately $60/hr. For business accounting and advice, the average rate is at about $48/hr.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by ServiceSeeking.com.au. The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Accountants on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.

Accounting prices from real customers

Roxane from Vic: Tax Return Review
Job details: Refund estimate was quite low so she needed an accredited tax agent to review the details of her tax return.
Michael from NSW: Personal Tax Return
Job details: Client is a truck driver who needed help preparing and lodging his tax return
Laurence from Vic: Sorting of Tax Returns
Job details: Needed help as client hasn’t done tax returns for several years
Dean from NSW: Accountant Verification
Job details: Required a letter from an external accountant as proof that their small business is still trading and is profitable

How the type of project affects cost

At around $72.01 per job, bookkeeping has the lowest average cost among the three most common accounting services in Australia. Meanwhile, business accountants charge approximately $134.77 to manage business finances.

If you’re looking for a tax accountant to handle your personal tax returns, you need to prepare around $101.29 to pay for their service.

accounting services

The most important factor in totaling cost

The type of accounting service you need is the main thing to consider when determining how much it’s going to cost you.

There are numerous kinds of jobs that professional accountants can do including the following:

Business Accounting
Personal Tax Returns

Payroll Taxation
Financial Advice

Business Analysis
GST and Indirect Taxation

Where is your accountant based?

Cost of accounting services

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Bookkeeping services in New South Wales have an average price of $35/hr, while bookkeeping costs in Victoria are only slightly higher at approximately $37/hr. In Queensland, bookkeepers charge around $44/hr.

Personal tax services in New South Wales cost around $40/hr. This is a lot lower than the average rate of tax accountants in Queensland, which is $60/hr. Victoria has the most expensive rate for personal tax services with an average price of $66/hr.

The cost of business accounting and advice in New South Wales and Queensland is fairly even at about $45/hr. In Victoria, though, the average cost of business accounting services is at around $50/hr.

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Pricing information correct as at August 2016.

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