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What Does It Cost to Hire An Electrician?

Last updated: 20th Apr 2019


If you need the expertise of an electrician, expect to pay around $80 to $100 per hour. That’s the average hourly rate for electricians across Australia.

Average hourly rates of electricians across Australia
State Cost
Western Australia $86.29/hr
Tasmania $79.33/hr
Australian Capital Territory $78.02/hr
Queensland $75.22/hr
South Australia $75.21/hr
Victoria $68.86/hr

However, quoted rates can range depending on a number of factors such as your location (determining supply and demand of available electrical contractors) and how far they might need to travel to reach your job.

Our data across major capital cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne shows electricians closer to inner city areas generally quoting from $100 per hour.

Where does this pricing data come from?

All prices stated in the above article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Electricians on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.

Besides plumbers, electricians are among the most expensive tradies in Australia because their job requires a special skill set, licences and different costly tools.

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What Is The Cost of Common Electrical Jobs?

To find out the cost of the most common electrical work, check out the following electrician quote price list, which is based on our findings.

Electrical Task Typical Quoted Prices
Install down light $35 (plus call out fee)
Fix power point $60 (plus call out fee)
Replace light switch $95 (plus call out fee)
Fault finding $100 (plus call out fee)
Fix damaged cable $120 (plus call out fee)
Repair metre box $250 (plus call out fee)

Image source OLZ Electrical

What Factors Impact The Cost of Electrical Services?

Common jobs include lighting installation, ceiling fan installation, power points, safety switches, and complete rewiring or circuit repair. They are all priced differently due to a variety of reasons. Some of the factors that can affect the total cost of electrical services are the following.

Size of Job

The bigger the job, the longer it will take to finish. This will definitely cost you more especially if you hired an electrician on a per-hour basis.

Level of Difficulty

Depending on the complexity of your job, the task may be done quickly or it may take longer to complete. You can ask your sparkie for a timetable so that you’ll know if you’re on track once the project has started.


The materials that you’re going to use will have an effect on the total cost of your job too. Different types of materials have varying costs. On top of that, you can get electrical products like switches and cables at different prices depending on the manufacturer or supplier. | Photo from: Drury Design

Now that you know how each service cost is totalled, another critical piece of information you need to take into account is the cost of an electrician’s call out fee because it adds up to the total cost of electrical services.

What Is The Average Call Out Fee for An Electrician?

Most often, the call out fee is based on one hour of the electrician’s rate. The average call out fee charged is $90, while the minimum call out fee is $50.

For first and one off electrician hires, licensed electricians in Australia will almost always charge a call out fee. This is primarily to cover their time and expense to reply to your call out, travel to your home and perform an initial inspection of the problem.

Image source OLZ Electrical

If your electrical job does not take long to resolve, for example, less than 10 minutes to diagnose and fix (common solutions may consist of resetting a safety switch), the electrician may only charge the cost of the call out fee, and no additional charge for the small amount of work.

That’s because their service fee usually covers the first 30 minutes of their work.

Also, expect to pay more for after hours emergency call out.

Bear in mind that those electricians who don’t charge a call out fee often charge extra for the first hour of their work.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install and Fix An Electrical Outlet?

The average cost of installing a new standard electrical outlet typically ranges from $140 to $180, including materials and labour.

Many electricians also charge a flat rate for the installation of new electrical outlet, which is around $75 – $180 per outlet.

The total price mostly depends on the complexity of the job, type of power points you want (single, double, USB etc.) and the access to the location.

Image source Pickr

This type of work usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour to be completed and is cheaper if you install more than 1 powerpoint or if your electrician does some other electrical work for you in addition.

On the other hand, typical costs of replacing or fixing an old standard electrical outlet are approximately $60 – $150 depending on a variety of factors, whereas the price of an electrical outlet is between $3 and $20.

Photo courtesy of Pexels Images by Pixabay

How Much Does It Cost to Install USB Powerpoints?

In total, you may expect to pay around $150 including the material and service costs for an USB powerpoint installation.

The price of the USB powerpoints primarily depends on the number of sockets and whether they’re used in combination with typical electrical outlets. Their price typically ranges from $12 to $45 per unit.

To get the exact overall cost of a USB powerpoint you want installed in your home, add the cost of labour in your area (an electrician’s hourly rate and the call out fee) to the price of your chosen USB powerpoint.

For instance, installing a double USB point can cost you between $80 and $120.

This job usually takes 15-30 minutes, so it’ll turn out to be more expensive just to install a single USB powerpoint than if your electrician does additional similar work at your place when you call him.

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How Much Do Electricians Charge to Install Lights?

The cost of lighting installation greatly varies depending on:

  • the type of light you want,
  • its quality,
  • whether you want the lights installed indoors or outdoors,
  • your location,
  • labour costs and other relevant factors.

Typically, expect to pay:

  • $62 – $75 per hour for high quality LED lighting installation,
  • $70 – $95 for installing outdoor lights, and
  • $55 – $70 for new downlight installation, in addition to any call out fees.

Photo courtesy of Pexels Images by Pixabay

If your electrician charges per hour, expect it will take him 5 to 20 minutes per light for a simple replacement/retrofit of downlights. Similarly, installing new LED downlights, which typically involves accessing the ceiling cavity and installing new wiring, could take 2-3 hours per room, depending on the number of lights.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by CreeLEDLighting

How Much Does Wiring A New House Cost?

To wire a medium-sized new house with an easy access to wiring, expect to pay between $4,000 and $8,000.

However, don’t be surprised if the price increases dramatically since the total cost depends on many factors, some of which are:

  • the size of your home,
  • the necessary amount of labour,
  • the cost of materials (e.g. copper wiring is expensive),
  • the ease of access to the wiring infrastructure,
  • your electrician’s hourly rates, and
  • other possible additional costs.

Image source OLZ Electrical

It takes approximately 2 hours per wiring connection and electricians typically charge between $80 and $100 per hour. Wiring only can cost around $600, whereas a new switchboard costs around $700 to $800.

The total wiring costs could significantly increase by up to $20,000 for larger houses or houses with restricted access to wires.

Still, it is much quicker to install wiring in a newly built house than to completely update electrical wiring in an older house. That’s primarily because an electrician will have an easier access to all the necessary points (e.g. the ceiling cavity) in a new house.

Image source bettselectric

What Is The Cost of Rewiring A House?

If you need to upgrade electrical wiring, especially if your house is older than 40+ years, get ready to open up your wallet as much as your walls because rewiring a home is a huge project.

The price for rewiring a whole house, including:

  • opening up walls,
  • running new wires,
  • connecting switches, outlets and fixtures, and then
  • repairing all the mess,

also ranges from $3,500 to $8,000 for an average-sized home (around 100 – 250 square metres).

Similarly to wiring a new house, if your home is larger than average, has many power outlets, if you need a new switchboard, or the access to the old wiring is restricted, expect to pay much more for the same job.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Casey Fleser

Again, labour cost and access to the wiring infrastructure are major total price factors. Also, expect to pay an expert between $80 and $100 per hour because that’s what most electricians charge.

However, some electricians may quote a flat rate for rewiring your whole house. Be careful because it doesn’t mean the total price will be lower than when quoted per hour.

Still, this investment is critical for your safety, so make sure you hire an experienced and licensed electrical expert to do the job, which can take between 3 and 10 days.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire An Electrician to Install A Ceiling Fan?

On average, expect a sparkie to charge around $200 per ceiling fan for installation, or even up to $400 if it requires new wiring and lighting.

To install ceiling fans, electricians usually charge their standard hourly rate, which is $69-$80 on average and is calculated in 15-minute increments. Such installations typically take 1-2 hours.

In addition, their flat service fee may also be charged, which is between $70 and $130.

The costs of a ceiling fan range between $150 and $780, depending on their size, the quality of materials, how quiet they work, whether they’re decorative and some other factors. Still, they’re far more affordable than air conditioners.

To install a ceiling fan without wiring i.e. where the ceiling box was already wired for a fan or to simply replace an existing fan will cost much cheaper. Also, the price will be lower if you’re installing more than one fan.

If you need a ceiling fan fixed or installed for the lowest and best possible price, check out the quotes of some trustworthy ceiling fan installers in your area.

Electrical Service Prices from Real Customers

Megan from NSW: Lighting Replacement and Powerpoint Moving
Job details: Replacement of 2 wall lights and 2 ceiling lights, replacement of 1 ceiling light with ceiling fan, removal of 1 outdoor light, and moving of power point
Jared from Vic: Rangehood Replacement
Job details: Replacement of old non-ducted rangehood with canopy ducted rangehood
Other details: Rangehood provided by customer, but duct and outlet provided by the business
Steve from Vic: Speaker Installation
Job details: Installation and wiring of 2 outdoor speakers; labour only


How Much Do Electricians Cost in Australian States?

With an average cost of $86.29/hr, Western Australia is the most expensive state to hire an electrician across Australia. Meanwhile, the lowest electrician rate, which is $68.86/hr, is charged by sparkies in Victoria.

Tasmania has the second highest price at $79.33/hr, followed by the Australian Capital Territory with an average cost of $78.02/hr.

Click the infographic to magnify

In Queensland, you can hire electricians for $75.22/hr while professional electrical services in South Australia cost around $75.21/hr. Sparkies in New South Wales charge an average of $69.38/hr.

Now you realise why state matters when you hire an electrician in Australia.

Aside from comparing quotes, make sure to weigh the qualifications of your potential electricians as well. They should be properly licensed, skilled, and experienced for your peace of mind.

Stop overpaying for first-rate services and connect with a top-quality reliable electrician near you today!

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Disclaimer: Our cost estimates are based on quotes for electrical services and are useful as a guide only.

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