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How much do asphalting services cost?

Last updated: 19th Apr 2019

Asphalting services cost $30/m2 on average. Rates, however, vary from job to job. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $25/m2 to $40/m2.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Asphalting Experts on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.

What to consider in determining asphalting prices

If you’re thinking of having asphalting done on your property, make sure to look for a qualified business to do the job. Once they do a site inspection and determine what needs to be done, they can provide you with an accurate quote. How much the job will cost is commonly determined by the following:


This is one of the first things that a tradie will look at before giving you a price. Different methods are required for each area of a house. For instance, the recommended procedure for asphalting a patio may not be the same for a driveway or a pathway. Driveways are more complicated to work on, so they generally cost more.


When quoting on jobs, most asphalting businesses give rates on a per-square metre basis. This obviously means that the bigger the area, the more money you’ll have to spend. Asphalt installation on driveways and pathways is usually more expensive because they normally cover a bigger than, let’s say, a patio.


If you already have an existing driveway or pathway and you just need the asphalt to be re-applied, only a few tools will be needed to carry out the task. This will cost far less than a completely new installation because no earthworks or site preparation will be required.

Another aspect that can make the job more difficult is the shape of the asphalt. Most driveways have a straight and rectangular shape. However, you can opt for a more circular or curved shape to your driveway if you want something unique and modern and if you have enough budget.

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Asphalting rates in various Australian states

Asphalting services in Western Australia are very affordable as their average price is $25/m2. Meanwhile, businesses in Queensland charge approximately $40/m2 for an asphalting job. Their counterparts in New South Wales, however, ask for a higher rate at about $45/m2.

Pricing information correct as at August 2016.

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