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Cost of awning installation

Last updated: 23rd May 2019

Thinking of installing awnings to have more shaded outdoor areas on your property? The cost can start from around $400 and can reach up to thousands of dollars so better be prepared with the possible expenses.

Factors that affect the cost

Understanding the things that businesses take into consideration when computing for the cost of awning installation jobs is one great way to prepare for the expenses. Here are some common factors that affect the price of this kind of work.

Type of awning
There are different awnings to choose from. Of course, their prices and how they are installed vary.

Portable – Portable awnings can be set up anywhere and moved to other places. You can adjust its location to ensure complete protection from the sun.

Stationary – This type of awning is sturdy as it is permanently installed. You can even have it custom-built to fit your patio, deck, or pergola.

Retractable – If you’re looking for an awning that you can fold or roll up when not in use, then a retractable one is your best choice. Its flexibility is one of its selling points.

Motorised – Motorised awnings are similar to retractable ones; the only difference is that motorised awnings have a mechanism that automatically rolls

Size of the awning
Of course, the larger the awning that you want to install, the more time it will take to be installed. This will also determine the number of people needed to complete the job.

Where you want to put the awning is a factor too. If you want it attached to windows on the second or third floor, then you might be in for some serious spending. Businesses would need extra equipment for that job to ensure a safe and fool-proof work.

Not all awnings are motorised; that’s why you’ll need to purchase a motor if you want to mechanically fold or roll up your awning. And this means additional spending. There are different electrical mechanisms to choose from, so don’t go all out and bust your budget on the most expensive one.

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Pricing information correct as at August 2016

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