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Cost of brick fencing

Last updated: 9th Jun 2019

Businesses offer different types of pricing for brick fencing. Typically, they have an average hourly rate of $60/hr, but the price can go down to around $50/hr.

Other bricklayers or fencing contractors, however, opt to charge their customers based on the number of bricks they’re going to lay. The usual going rate for this is about $1 per brick, but depending on the difficulty of the job, the price can still go higher.

Where does this pricing data come from?

All prices stated in the above article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Fence Installers on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.

Brick fencing prices from real customers

Kevin from Vic
He wanted a brick fence with a 1.5 metre steel door for his home in Mount Waverley.
TOTAL COST: $1,700
Matthew from Vic
He paid fencing contractors to install a brick front fence with metal insets between piers. The fence measured approximately 12 metres.
TOTAL COST: $1,500
Sundeep from Qld
He wanted a brick fence with a gate and aluminium slats installed. The fence was approximately 20 metres and included automatic gates.
TOTAL COST: $1,400

Costs of common brick fencing jobs

Brick Fencing TaskTypical Quoted Prices
Replace a damaged brick pier$3,000
Repair damage on a brick fence$2,000
Minor rendering$1,300
Increase the height of a fence$1,000
Replace a few bricks on an existing fence$1,000
Fill gaps in an existing brick fence$500

How different factors can affect the cost of installation

Before spending on a project like brick fencing, it pays to get a proper idea of the things that a fencing contractor considers when providing you with a quote. This way, you’ll be able to budget your money better and know exactly where your money will be going.


Bricks are usually the most cost-effective option when it comes to fencing, but some kinds of brick are still more expensive than others. Concrete bricks are one of the most affordable and most common types used for residential projects. They can be placed on fences, facades, and other areas of the home. On the other hand, first class burnt bricks are rather expensive because they have superior durability and higher aesthetic value.

Height and length

Per Australian Standards, fences can’t exceed 1.5 metres in height. However, if your house is facing a main road, a height of 2 metres is usually allowed. It’s best to remember this if you plan on having a brick fence installed in front of your home. Generally speaking, the higher and longer the fence, the more it will cost.

Additional services

Expect higher costs if your project requires any extra work to be done prior to installation. This can include removing old fencing before putting the new bricks in place. This is more labour-intensive and can sometimes involve the use of special machinery, which is why it will likely add to your expenses. Additional work will also be needed if, for instance, the soil where the brick fence will be installed is uneven or sloping. The soil will have to be leveled, and this will probably cost you more money.

A brick fence can definitely add value to your property. However, make sure to hire qualified bricklayers or fencing businesses to carry out its installation. This assures you that your money will really be going to something worthwhile.

Pricing information correct as at August 2016.

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