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Cost of Building a Pergola

Last updated: 8th Jun 2019

On average, you can expect to pay $50/hr for pergola installation services in 2017. Pergolas come in different styles, so you really can’t be certain about the exact costs unless you get a quote from a pergola builder. Generally, though, prices range from approximately $45/hr to around $60/hr.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Pergola Builders on the site from July 2015 to July 2017.

Pergola Jobs From Real Customers

Job Location: Scarborough Cost of this job: $5000Job Description:Hi l need this job done within 3 weeks. A simple pergola with a Skillion roof. Approx 3.6 wide to 6/7 metres long. Im thinking of a pine wooden decking floor. I also need another area of decking. Thanks Ros

Job Location: Crace Cost of this job: $4500Job Description:Customer name: Li

Job location: Crace, ACT, 2911

Date required: within the next few days.

Materials: Timber frame

Pergola style: Sunroof

Site visit: A site visit is OK to assist quote

Building permit: No, they do not need a building permit included in the quote

Li’s comments: A pergola needed over roughly 24m2

Job Location: Tarneit Cost of this job: $4400Job Description:Customer name: Andy

Job location: Tarneit, VIC, 3029

Date required: within the next few days.

Materials: Other – details below

Pergola style: Flat roof

Site visit: A site visit is OK to assist quote

Building permit: Yes, they need a building permit included in the quote

Andy’s comments: I am after a low cost pergola supply & install (size 4 x 7), either colorbond or timber.

**Budget Pergola***

Job Location: Boronia Cost of this job: $4000Job Description:Customer name: Andrew

Job location: Boronia, VIC, 3155

Date required: ASAP. This job is urgent.

Materials: Timber frame

Pergola style: Flat roof

Site visit: A site visit is OK to assist quote

Building permit: No, they do not need a building permit included in the quote

Andrew’s comments: Roughly 9 meters by 5 meter timber structure. That may not require quotation for the roofing just the frame work.

High end custom pergola quote

Sam from Wahroonga was quoted $35,000 for the following custom pergola build over 41 quare metres

  • Supply and install 450x450mm 25mpa concrete pads.
  • Supply and install 115x115mm h3 finger jointed primed timber posts bolted down to concrete pads
  • Supply and install roof anchor extender brackets bolted down to wall plate/load bearing beam.
  • Supply and install hyspan lvl front and rear beams using galvanized fixings .
  • Supply and install hyspan lvl rafters using galvanized joist hangers.
  • Supply and install galvanized roof bracing.
  • Supply and install colour bond roofing with insulation bats.
  • Supply and install macroline skylights using 10mm twin wall.
  • Supply and install 130x18mm h3 primed v-joint fixed of to rafters using galvanized nails.
  • Provision for electrician to install electrical wire, transformers, switches and down lights x4

Cost of common pergola installation jobs

Pergola Installation Task Typical Quoted Prices
Small Colorbond pergola $2,500
Pergola for a balcony $2,700
Flat roof pergola $3,000
Timber pergola $5,000
Aluminium-frame pergola $4,000
Pergola with sheeted roof $6,000

What you can get from installing a pergola

If you want your backyard to look even more attractive, building a pergola will definitely do the trick. Pergolas may seem like simple structures, but they actually have various benefits such as:

building pergolas

Photo from: Dalem Carpentry

Adding property value

Not only do they improve the aesthetics of your exterior space, they also add value to your entire property. With the right pergola design, a home can go from dull to stylish.

Providing an area for entertainment and relaxation

Pergolas are great for entertaining guests. You can decorate it with chairs, tables, or any outdoor furniture. You can also enjoy a good meal with your friends and family here. Pergolas are also useful if you want some alone time. It’s a nice place to relax while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

Serving as protection against the weather

Pergolas are not just there to make your backyard look pretty; they have practical uses too. This outdoor structure can shade you against harsh rays from the sun. You can add a roof to your pergola as well. This way, you can still remain outdoors even if it’s lightly raining.

Helping vines grow better

Pergolas are constructed with support beams or columns on the sides, so you can grow climbing vines here. These plants will certainly make the structure look more appealing.

Cost of pergolas

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Average pergola installation prices don’t differ much

In New South Wales, pergola installation costs about $60/hr. Meanwhile, Queenslanders pay their builders an average of $50/hr for a standard pergola. This is the same rate being charged by pergola businesses in Victoria and Western Australia.

If you want a pergola installed in your outdoor space, don’t hesitate to check out’s list of the most skilled pergola builders in your area.


Pricing information correct as at August 2017.

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