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Cost of building clean ups

Last updated: 9th Jun 2019

Building clean ups cost $35.50/hr on average. Rates can go up to as high as $41/hr depending on the specific tasks involved.

Where does this pricing data come from?

All prices stated in the above article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Cleaners on the site from July 2017 to July 2018.

Building clean up prices from real customers

Meha from NSW
She hired cleaners to do post-construction cleaning for her newly built home in Schofields.
Kim from Vic
She needed her commercial building in Albion washed.
TOTAL COST: $695.50
Darren from WA
He paid for cleaners to remove piles of sand, concrete, and other rubbish from his vacant lot in Fremantle. The job also involved dismantling and disposing of four metres of fencing.
TOTAL COST: $1,000

Costs of common building clean up jobs

Building Clean Up Task Typical Quoted Prices
After builders cleaning $600
Clean up a newly constructed commercial space $460
General site cleaning $275
Annual building maintenance $200

What affects the cost of building clean ups?

Professional cleaners consider a variety of factors when giving a quote. Here are some of the things that can influence the total cost of your cleaning job.


The size of the structure usually has an impact on the price of a job. For residential homes, cleaning costs partly depend on the number of rooms in the property. For commercial spaces or office buildings, the number of floors to be cleaned is typically taken into account.


This usually depends on the specific areas that need to be cleaned. For building clean ups, it usually involves clearing piles of leftover concrete, timber, or any other material that were used or not used in the construction. You can expect your costs to increase if additional labour or equipment is needed to dispose of certain materials like steel, which is quite heavy.

Cleaners may charge separate fees for cleaning the interior and exterior spaces, or they can offer a service package that takes care of both areas. It’s always a good idea to clarify this with your chosen business.

Additional services

Some services do not cover areas like exterior windows on higher floors, pressure washing of driveways or pavement, and cleaning fixtures such as lights. Make sure that you get the best possible value for your money by asking prospective cleaners if they have packages available that include all the services you require.

Rates vary from state to state

In Victoria, building clean ups cost around $35/hr. Meanwhile, residents of New South Wales pay more for the same service at about $40/hr. Professional cleaners in Western Australia charge approximately $37.50/hr.

To ensure quality and thorough work, make sure to hire only qualified and professional cleaners to do your building clean up. You can find many local businesses on

Pricing information correct as at March 2018.

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