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Cost of building services

Last updated: 14th Jun 2019

Building services vary in size and complexity, and because of this, businesses charge different rates depending on the project. New home builds typically cost around $56/hr, while granny flat construction has an average rate of $50/hr. Building decks, on the other hand, cost $187.50/m2 on average.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Builders on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.

Building prices from real customers

Melissa from NSW
Job details: She was looking for tradies to build a duplex that’s approximately 500m2 in size. She wanted it to have brick veneer flooring and skillion metal roofing as well as a detached garage with a studio.
Other details: She already had a house plan and council approval.
TOTAL COST: $515,000
Mohammad from NSW
Job details: He needed tradies to design and construct a new duplex. He had no house plans yet, and he needed help with council approval too.
TOTAL COST: $466,000
Sam from Vic
Job details: He needed two decks constructed using composite material. Total area size is around 40m2, and the deck is about 100mm above ground level.
Other details: He also wanted timber fencing that’s 4m in length and 1.8m in height.
TOTAL COST: $25,000

Factors affecting building costs

Building services significantly vary in price due to the specifics of every job. The following are some factors commonly considered by businesses when giving quotes to customers. It pays to know what they are as it will give you a clearer idea when budgeting and planning your project.

Type of structure

Building an entire home costs more than constructing a deck, patio, or any other smaller structure. This is because of the amount of materials and labour required to carry out the job. The size is also a consideration — obviously, residential homes are bigger in size than decks or patios. Moreover, this means that the latter can be completed in a shorter time period.

Design complexity

Depending on the design of the structure, your builder can have a hard or easy time executing the plan. For instance, structures with non-standard shapes are naturally harder to make than quadrilateral ones. Additionally, some tasks require more effort or a higher level of skill, which naturally increases the cost of the service.

Site preparation

Prepping the site may be needed in some cases, and this can drive up the total price you need to pay. If your property has a sloping surface, additional work would have to be done to make the ground level and suitable for the type of structure to be built.

house construction costs

Building prices across different Australian states

Queenslanders pay about $50/hr for a new home builder’s service. Meanwhile, in Victoria, erecting a residential home costs $56/hr on average. New home builds are a bit higher in New South Wales, where the average rate is $60/hr.

For deck construction, residents in Queensland spend around $185/m2. Deck builders in Victoria, on the other hand, charge approximately $190/m2. Decking services in New South Wales have an average price of $200/m2.

Pricing information correct as at August 2016.

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