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track-type loader excavator machine doing earthmoving work at sand quarry

Excavation and earthmoving services cost approximately $90/hr. This can still change depending on things like the size of the area to be excavated and the difficulty of access. In general, excavation and earthmoving rates range from $80/hr to $95/hr.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by ServiceSeeking.com.au. The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Excavators on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.
Hear from an expert
Experts at Moores Outdoor Landscaping say that excavation for a 60m2 swimming pool costs roughly $6,000. It usually takes them about a day and a half to complete this job. The final price changes depending on the size of the swimming pool and the soil type.
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Barry, a resident of Queensland, hired professional excavators and paid them $1,400 to clear a brick fence and a side fence in front of his home. The project also involved clearing trees and bushes in the area and taking away all the debris after the job was done.

Excavation factors that move total cost

If you need excavators for projects like pool installation or home renovation, you need to know the factors that can affect the overall cost of your job. Some of the major considerations include:

Size of the area

This is the most important aspect of pricing when it comes to excavation costs. The bigger the area, the longer it will take for the job to be completed. Since many excavation businesses charge hourly rates, longer completion time naturally means you’ll have to spend more money.

Ease of access

Large and open areas are easier and quicker to access, so jobs involving properties like this are less costly. Heavy machinery is also used in excavation and earthmoving, but a specialised type of equipment may be needed to reach difficult areas. Of course, costs will increase because of this.

Type of soil

Sandy soil is typically very soft, so excavating on areas with this soil type won’t be too complicated. If there are trees or rocks and other hard materials, the job would definitely be more difficult and it will also cost you extra.

Type of equipment

No two excavation and earthmoving jobs are exactly the same because of the various circumstances in every location. And in each situation, a different approach or machinery may be needed. If you need bigger equipment, this can amp up the cost of your project.

Labour costs

Labour costs are affected by the complexity of the job and the type of machine to be used. A complicated project will also require more men to do the work and to operate the machinery.

Photo from: Grrrunt Earthworks

Photo from: Grrrunt Earthworks

Cost of excavation and earthmoving

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Excavating rate disparities among states

In South Australia, excavation and earthmoving services cost around 80/hr — the lowest average rate across the country. Meanwhile, residents in Western Australia pay slightly higher fees. They shell out approximately $88/hr for the same type of service.

Excavation and earthmoving jobs in New South Wales have an average price of $90/hr, and the same rate is being charged by excavators in Queensland and Victoria. At approximately $100/hr, the cost of hiring excavators and earthmovers in the Australian Capital Territory is the most expensive across the country.

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Pricing information correct as at November 2017.

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