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Cost of Fence Painting

Last updated: 15th Oct 2018

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The average cost of fence painting is $40/hr, and prices either increase or decrease depending on certain job factors. Typically, rates range from $38/hr to $50/hr.

Where does this pricing data come from?

All prices stated in the above article are based on FY18 pricing data compiled by ServiceSeeking.com.au. The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Fence Painters on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.

What affects the cost of a fence painting job?

In order to quote accurately, painters consider a number of factors. Take note of them so that you can have an idea how much your job will cost. These variables typically include:

Painter’s credentials

In most states, painters are required by law to have a license in order to practise their trade. However, there are still some out there who operate without a license, and it’s best to avoid those tradies. Licensed painters generally charge higher fees than their unlicensed counterparts, but it’s a price worth paying for. Not only can licensed painters provide you with professional workmanship, they are also insured. This means your property is covered in case something unfortunate happens.

Size of the fence

The height and length of your fence is an important aspect of pricing because they usually determine the time of completion. Plenty of businesses charge hourly rates for fence painting, so the longer a job takes, the more money you have to spend.


Just like any other painting job, fence painting requires using a lot of materials such as paint, brushes, paint sprayers, cleaning agents, paint thinners, etc. Your painter is likely going to include the cost of paint, thinners, and other similar items into your quote because these materials need to be replenished after each job. Find a painter who uses top-quality materials. It costs extra, but it’s more cost-effective in the long run because the paint is guaranteed to last for years.

Prep work

There are several tasks involved in preparing a fence for painting. Cleaning or pressure-washing the fence to ensure that all dirt is removed prior to painting and removing old, damaged, or peeling paint are just a few of them. While not all of these tasks are necessary to start a fence painting job, they do add to costs.

Rates vary throughout the country

If you live in Queensland, now is a great time to get your fences painted. Fence painting in the state only costs around $40/hr, which is the most affordable rate in Australia. Meanwhile, fence painters in Victoria charge about $42/hr for their services, and their counterparts charge even higher in New South Wales at an average rate of $47.50/hr.

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Pricing information correct as at August 2016.

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