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Standard fencing jobs in Australia are priced at $75/m on average. However, smaller jobs usually come at around $65/m, and bigger jobs that require extra work can go for as high as $82.50/m.

Where does this pricing data come from?

All prices stated in the above article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Fencing experts on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.
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Hear from an expert
Craig of Resolute Fencing says that the cost of replacing a house fence ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the materials used. Prices can also change if the ground is level or sloping.

Fencing prices from real customers

Cameron from QLD: Timber Fencing
Size: 40m, under 2m in height
Other details: Removal and replacement
TOTAL COST: $3,820
Sam from NSW: Colorbond Fencing
Size: 35m, 1.8m in height
Other details: Includes 2 gates
TOTAL COST: $3,900
Leanne from QLD: Colorbond Fencing
Size: Approximately 26m
Other details: No gates
TOTAL COST: $2,050

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How factor differences lead to cost changes

Always keep in mind that fencing specialists look at numerous factors when they give a quote. These things will determine the amount of work to be done, thus affecting the overall cost of the job.

  • Material used – Brick is the most affordable option and is perfect if you’re on a budget. Colorbond, on the other hand, is a high-end material. It may be expensive, but it’s extremely durable and lasts for at least ten years.
  • Soil type – If the soil condition on your property is less than the ideal, fence contractors might need to do extra work to ensure that posts are set properly.
  • Size of the job – Naturally, a bigger job is expensive as it requires more materials and labour.
  • Terrain – Do you live on a slope? If you do, expect to pay more for your job. Installing fences on a flat land is more affordable.

Here are other factors that you should be aware of:

  • Accessibility
  • Fence height
  • Fence decoration
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It’s all about location

Cost of fencing services

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The average fence installation rate in Victoria sits at $72.05/m. This price point is the lowest across the country — great news for residents of the state who are thinking of doing some fence work on their property!

Meanwhile, fence specialists in Western Australia charge around $80.75/m for their services. This price doesn’t differ too much from the average rate of fence specialists in Queensland, which is $80.81/m. Hiring a fence contractor in the Australian Capital Territory costs $85.10/m on average, which is slightly more affordable than hiring one in New South Wales where the average rate is $87.23/m.

At $120/m, Tasmania is the most expensive place for fencing work in Australia. Following Tasmania is South Australia, where residents pay around $91.16/m for a fencing job.

Pricing information correct as at March 2018.


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