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Cost of Flat Pack & IKEA Kitchen Installation Services

Last updated: 13th Jun 2019

The cost of getting a flat-pack kitchen installed can start for as low as $35 per hour, but prices can increase with the complexity of the project.   

Susie from Qld
She needed a small flat pack for her two bedroom apartment. 
TOTAL COST: $8,000
Donny from Vic
He hired a builder to install a flat-pack kitchen from Ikea.
TOTAL COST: $2,500

Flat-pack kitchens aren’t what they used to be – they’re come a seriously long way since the basic styles. Now, flat-pack kitchens offer a wide range of styles ready for customisation, including a vast array of bench tops, cabinets, lighting, and pantries. 


Ikea kitchens are appealing for many reasons – they’re often aesthetically appealing, durable and practical. The only downside is that they may not align exactly with the space you’re working with – but in most cases, your installer can be creative and come up with a solution. Ikea isn’t the only option – other stores such as Freedom or Bunnings also provide options. Be sure to shop around and not settle on the first one you see. 

How much does a flat-pack kitchen cost?

The size of the kitchen is one obvious factor that will influence the price. Other factors are the quality and finish of the cabinets, and other extras on top – such as the material of hinges, handles and lights. 


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