Cost of House Cleaning

Cost of house cleaning

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House cleaning services cost around $30/hr. Depending on things like the size of your home and the extent of service required, the rate can increase up to about $35/hour or even up to $50/hr for 2 person teams.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY18 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Residential Cleaners on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.

House cleaning prices from real customers

Zico from NSW
He needed a professional cleaner to tidy up his 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment unit.
Goldy from NSW
She wanted two bathrooms and the kitchen and living areas cleaned. She also needed help in tidying up her patio and front courtyard as well as dusting skirt boards and vacuuming the entire house.
Yvonne from Vic
Her home had four bedrooms and two bathrooms. She only needed the house vacuumed and mopped; no steam cleaning needed.

Factors that determine cleaning costs

Cleaning prices offered by businesses don’t vary much. However, the actual cost of house cleaning still depends on other factors like the following:

Your location

It’s better to hire cleaners who are based in your area. This way, you can avoid being charged additional fees for the businesses’ travel expenses.

Size of your home

Expect higher rates if your home has multiple storeys or rooms since cleaning businesses usually charge by the hour. Naturally, larger properties take longer to tidy up, and they may require additional cleaners too.

Extent of service

Plenty of businesses out there offer service packages that cover certain types of cleaning tasks. For instance, these packages could include more specialised services such as oven cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, window cleaning, etc. Some companies also have customisable packages where you can mix and match services to suit your needs. Keep in mind, though, that personalised service packages can be more expensive.

Cleaning prices across Australia

Professional house cleaners in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia charge the same rate of about $30/hr. At approximately $31/hr, house cleaning costs are only a bit higher in Victoria. Meanwhile, South Australian cleaners charge an average of $35/hr for their services. House cleaning is most expensive in the Australian Capital Territory, where it costs around $37.50/hr.

The Laziest Suburbs in Sydney

People living in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Western Sydney are laziest when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. On average they hire cleaners 2.3x more than their counterparts living in the Northern Beaches and Sutherland.

Cleaning their act up

When it comes to outsourcing the dirty work to someone else, residents of the Eastern Suburbs are the laziest. They are 2.4x more likely to outsource their cleaning than the typical Sydney resident.

Over the last 12 months:

·      Eastern Suburbs residents outsource cleaning 142% more than average

·      Inner West residents outsource cleaning 94% more than average

·      Western Sydney residents 82% more than average

·      Parramatta residents 46% more than average

Residents with clean hands?

·      Northern Beaches – outsource cleaning 12% less

·      Canterbury/ Bankstown – 23% less

·      Sutherland – 47% less

The Inner West and Eastern Suburbs are areas where residents are more likely to hire a cleaner than do their own dirty work. These areas are 2.6 times more likely to outsource cleaning compared to Northern Beaches residents” says CEO of, Jeremy Levitt.

Levitt continued: “This analysis correlates closely with the so called “Latte Line”. Residents with higher incomes are able to get the professionals in to save them time that they can spend with loved ones and doing things they like”.

Clean as a whistle

Residents of certain suburbs will bend over backwards to avoid doing their own cleaning.

·      Sydney CBD residents post 9.1x more cleaning jobs than average

·      Parramatta – 8.2x more

·      Kellyville – 6.1x more

·      Castle Hill – 5.9x more

·      Blacktown – 5.9x more

·      Surry Hills – 5.5x more

·      Bondi – 5.2x more

·      Chatswood – 4.8x more

·      Mosman – 4.3x more

·      Randwick – 4.3x more

Wiping their slate clean

Residents of these suburbs are happy to clean up after themselves.

·      Kirribilli hired 1.5x less cleaners

·      Collaroy – 1.5x less

·      Clovelly – 1.8x less

·      Seaforth – 2.1x less

·      Tamarama – 2.1x less

·      Daceyville – 2.3x less

·      Palm Beach – 2.5x less

·      Manly – 3.9x less

What does it cost to hire a house cleaner?

House cleaning services cost around $30/hr, with prices rising as high as $50/hour depending on a range of factors.

The data was derived by sampling 15,000 jobs submitted in 2018 by customers through, the website for getting any job done.

Pricing information correct as at 1 May 2018.

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