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Cost of Installing Ducted Heating

Last updated: 7th Jun 2019

The cost for a typical gas ducted heating system including installation will range between $7,000 – $10,000, depending on the rating and kilowatt capacity of the unit and number of heat vent outlet points. An electrical reverse cycle air conditioning system with ducted installation will usually cost about $5,000 – $7,000 installed to 6 points suitable for an average sized 3 bedroom family home.

James from Melbourne: 4 split system air cons and double story ducted installation
Job details: New double story house currently under construction. requires 4 split units upstairs in bedrooms and refrigerated ducted heating and cooling for downstairs.
TOTAL COST: $15,000
Michael from Melbourne: Air con ducted heating and cooling system for 210 square metre house
Job details: Hi. I have a 210sq house located in Keysborough. We are wanting a quote for both a daiken and actron ducted cooling system. We are after a system that lets us zone the aircon and would be looking at starting in the next 2 weeks. Also if you could include the sizing of the unit please.
TOTAL COST: $9,915
Bree from Sydney: Ducted installtion in 4 bedroom, double story house
I need a dakin ducted installed in my 2 storey house. I have 4 x bedrooms over 100sqm top floor. I would like the skyfi system setup.
TOTAL COST: $8,000

Cost of ducted heating repairs

Repair costs for existing ducted heating systems can range depending on the issue and fix required. Below are the reported completed job costs for a sample of ducted heating repair jobs completed through

El from Brisbane: Reparining ducted air conditioner gas leak
Daikin ducted air conditioner has gas leak. Repair leak and refill. Leak was previously repaired but previous vendor has gone out of business. Leak location is known.
TOTAL COST: $1,570
Vi from Melbourne: Suspected pipe blockages in gas ducted system
We have existing gas ducted heating system, there are a couple of spots on our timber floor warmed up every times we use the ducted system, we suspected that there are a couple blockages and require fixing. We are also looking at extending the heating system to upstairs.

Benefits of Ducted Heating Systems

Ducted heating is a more efficient way of heating larger homes at once compared with separated heating units and systems in different parts of the house or different homes. Although gas heating installation is more expensive than running an air con through a duct system, gas ducted heating is more energy and cost efficient to operate over time.

Pricing information correct as at March 2018.