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What Is the Cost of Paving Installation?

Last updated: 7th Oct 2019


Hiring tradies who specialise in paving installation costs $30/m2 on average. Depending on the job at hand, paving prices can go for as low as $20/m2 for simple paving work. Paving cost per square metre can also go up to $60+/m2 if your paving job includes intricate designs and borders.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Paving Experts on the site from December 2016 to December 2017.

What Are the Costs of Common Paving Jobs?

Based on latest real paving job quotes, here’s a brief summary of the most common paving costs.

 Paving Task  Typical Quoted Prices
 Install brick paving  $20,000
 Install backyard paving  $13,000
 Curved sandstone paving for a pool area  $11,000
 Backyard paving around a deck and a shed  $11,500
 Install paving for a small courtyard  $10,000
 Levelling an existing and uneven driveway paving  $7,500

How Much Does Paving Cost per Square Metre?

Paving cost per m2 can range from $40 to $100 including materials and paving labour cost, which typically start at $20/m2 for a simple job and range up to $50+/m2 for more complex work.

The total cost of paving per square metre depends on various factors such as:

  • the type of paving,
  • the design and your special requirements (e.g. borders, slip-resistant pavers around swimming pools, plain or intricate design),
  • the surface you want to pave (sloping terrain is more expensive than level),
  • access to the site,
  • the job scope, and
  • the necessary prep work.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for paving per square metre based on the paving material types:

How much does it cost to lay pavers per square metre?
Type of pavers Paving prices per m2
Granite, travertine or flagstone pavers $70 to $100 per m2
Brick pavers $70 to $95 per m2
Quartzite pavers $40 to $80+ per m2
Limestone pavers $45 to $75 per m2
Concrete pavers $40 to $65 per m2

Don’t forget to include the price of laying a base for pavers when calculating the total cost of your paving project.

For instance, if you want to pave a 50-square-metre area with easy access and not much prep work required, you may expect to pay:

  • between $2,300 and $2,800 if you want a poured concrete base (which is a must if you’re paving your driveway and the cost may reach even $4,000) or
  • between $1,500 and $1,800 for a crushed rock base.

How Much Does Concrete Paving Cost?

Concrete paving cost per square metre ranges between $40 and more than $75/m2 depending on the factors listed above (and further discussed in one of the following subsections).

Also, expect the additional cost of $1,500 to $2,800 for a bed or base depending on the material type (e.g. rock or concrete) if you consider laying concrete pavers on a 50m2 site with easy access and little prep work.

Bear in mind that concrete paving prices can vary markedly depending on your location, so you’ll get different quotes for the same concrete paving job in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth for example.

(Note: More detailed paving prices across Australian states can be found in the final subsection. To see examples of concrete paving prices from real customers, follow the link provided above.)

Concrete paving

Image source: Top Touch

How Much Does Brick Paving Cost?

The brick paving cost per square metre in Australia starts at the installation rate of $30/m2. To have your brick pavers laid expect to pay in the range of $70 to $95 per m2 for both labour and materials.

Again, in the case of sloping terrain, or your paving installer needing to cut bricks for a complex pattern, your paving job will be more expensive than a straightforward one.

Bricks paving

Image source: ABM Landscaping

How Much Does Stone Paving Cost?

Stone paving cost per square metre goes from $25 for sandstone all the way up to more than $100/m2 for granite or travertine, with the average prices sitting around $40 to $70/m2.

Here are the most commonly used types of stone pavers and their pricing. Remember to count in the cost of a base.

How much does stone paving cost?
Type of stone Stone paving costs per m2
Travertine pavers $50 to $100/m2
Granite pavers $50 to $100/m2
Quartzite pavers $40 to $70+/m2
“Buffed” sandstone (non-slip) $60/m2
Limestone pavers from $30 to $60+/m2
Natural sandstone pavers from $25/m2

The total cost to lay stone pavers vary based on:

  • the type of stone you choose,
  • its quality,
  • colour,
  • availability,
  • your preferred style,
  • patterns,
  • base (sand, concrete, crushed rock etc.) and
  • the other previously mentioned relevant factors.

Stone paving is the most expensive paving option.

Stone paving

Image source: Grand Paving Pty Ltd

What Is the Cost of Paving a Driveway?

Expect to set out anywhere between $65 and $150+ per square metre if you’re considering to pave your driveway and you live in Australia.

Mainly depending on the type, quality and style of pavers you choose, as well as on other mentioned factors in play, here’s how high your driveway paving cost may be.

How much does it cost to put pavers on a driveway?
Driveway paving options Driveway paving cost per square metre
Decorative stencilled concrete driveway $100 to $150 per m2
Exposed aggregate finish $100 to $150 per m2
Natural stone pavers $75 to $100 per m2
Brick pavers $70 to $90 per m2
Plain concrete driveway $75 per m2 (on a sloping surface)
$65 per m2 (on a flat surface)

As you can see, a plain concrete driveway is the most affordable option which costs around $65 per square metre if the terrain is flat or $75 per square metre if it’s on a sloping surface.

A stable high-quality base is critical for a longlasting driveway, so remember to count its price in your overall driveway paving cost.

How you want your driveway pavers laid i.e. the driveway paving style you select greatly affects the overall cost.

For instance, if you want to use multi-coloured, intricately patterned small pavers, you’ll pay much more than if you choose large, square pavers for your driveway.

Similarly, if there are curves or slopes, the price goes up.

As an example, a Service Seeking customer in Sydney NSW, who needed a 105 sqm concrete driveway, paid $5,000 for labour (not including materials). The same customer could expect different driveway paving prices if she lived in Perth or Melbourne, for instance.

Bricks driveway

Image source:

How Much Does Paving a Patio Cost?

Getting brick pavers installed on your patio may cost from $14 to $30 per square foot. The average cost of patio paving is between $1,400 and $2,800 for a standard patio size, although the exact pricing depends on the type of brick, base and many other factors.

If you decide to lay concrete pavers, the patio paving cost per square metre you may expect is:

  • $45 to $75 for plain concrete pavers,
  • $55 to $90 for coloured concrete, or
  • $75 for a stencilled finish.

Experts say that concrete is the most viable option for your patio paving, although the base doesn’t need to be so thick as that for a driveway. Still, make sure you don’t forget to work the cost of the base into your patio paving budget.

Paving a patio

Image source: Zeyton Gardens

How to Avoid Final Billings Paved with Hidden Costs

Different factors come into play when it comes to getting an estimate for a paving job. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when assessing the overall cost of paving services.


If there is an existing pavement that needs to be removed or if the surface is flat or sloping, prep work should be done before paving installation can begin.

The Size and Scope of the Project

Paving businesses offer varying rates for:

  • driveways,
  • patios,
  • pathways,
  • pool surrounds,
  • Backyards and other outdoor areas.

Each of these has different requirements and procedures, so one may be more difficult and expensive than the other.


You can go for plain concrete or asphalt pavement, or you can choose from a wide array of pavement designs using bricks or pavers. Obviously, a simpler paving job will cost less than more intricate work.


There are many types of materials to choose from such as:

  • limestone,
  • concrete,
  • asphalt,
  • bricks, and
  • stone.

All these materials vary in quality and prices.

Concrete is one of the most commonly used paving material because it’s durable and less expensive than the other options. Stone is the most expensive paving material, whereas clay and brick pavers are in the mid-range.

What Is the Cost of Paving across Australia?

Before asking for paving quotes, consider where in Australia the paving contractor operates. For instance, the cost to install pavers in Perth greatly differs from the same job type done in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

Paving installation cost

Click the infographic image to expand.

Residents of Western Australia are paying the lowest average cost for paving services at around $25/m2.

On the other hand, Victoria has the highest average rate for paving installation at approximately $68.50/m2.

In South Australia, the average rate of paving installers is at approximately $35/m2. For Queensland residents, the average price of paving installation is about $45/m2. Meanwhile, in New South Wales, the same type of service costs around $52.50/m2.

Aside from the costs involved, it’s also best to consider the qualifications of the tradie you’re going to hire. has a list of the best Australian businesses that specialise in paving installation.

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Disclaimer: Our cost estimates are based on quotes for paving services and are useful as a guide only.

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