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Cost of Residential Home Extensions

Last updated: 23rd May 2019

On average, a home renovation project costs approximately $50/hr. Kitchen renovations have an average rate of around $56/hr, while bathroom renovations will cost you about $65/hr. Home extensions, on the other hand, have an average price of approximately $61.50/hr. The project total cost can vary greatly depending on variables such as council approval, quality of fixtures and fittings, the need for structural work, level of design consultation from an architect and other considerations. Typically, the cost of a home extension in Australia in 2017 will start from a minimum of $30,000 after engaging architect and/or draftsmen fees, and the services of a licensed builder.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Renovations & Extensions Experts on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.

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Fixed features that could increase renovation prices

In order to properly estimate the cost of renovating your home, you need to determine the factors that renovation companies consider when estimating the price of their services. These typically include the following:

Complexity of the project

Expect to pay more if you want special features to be included in your renovation or extension project. For bathroom renovations, this can include hot tubs, marble vanities, glass shower doors, and so forth. For home extensions, however, you might want to take a variety of practical considerations into account. For instance, if you need to remove the roof to extend your home, this will require extra work and result in higher costs.

Size of the job

Naturally, the bigger the project, the more it will cost. You will shell out more money if you are renovating both your bathroom and kitchen rather than just one of the two. Additional floors will also cost extra.

Cost of labour

Licensed renovators can assure you of high-quality workmanship. That is why their services are often more expensive than those of untrained and unlicensed tradies.

Cost of materials

The cost of the materials goes hand in hand with both the size and complexity of the job. For your renovators to complete a bigger and more complicated job, they will obviously need more materials.

Timeline of the project

There are home renovation businesses that charge hourly rates for their services, so the timeline of your project is also an important thing to consider. If it takes a longer time to complete, then naturally you’ll have to spend more money.

Photo from: Classique Kitchens

Photo from: Classique Kitchens

Cost of common renovation and extension jobs

Renovation and Extension TaskTypical Quoted Prices
Interior house painting$6,000
Internal demolition$3,000
Wall installation$6,500
Insulation installation$4,500
Roof installation$7,000
Electrical installations$2,000
Cost of renovations and extensions

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Not all states have the same average cost

Residents of Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia enjoy the lowest average rates for home renovation services; they’re paying around $50/hr to update the look of their homes. In New South Wales, home renovators charge slightly steeper rates averaging at $55/hr.

In Victoria and Queensland, the cost of a typical kitchen renovation project is approximately $50/hr. Kitchen renovators in Western Australia charge about $65/hr, while South Australia kitchen renovation specialists offer rates of around $70/hr on average. At approximately $76/hr, kitchen renovations in New South Wales are the priciest across the country.

Bathroom renovators in Victoria charge rates of around $56/hr, while businesses in New South Wales charge about $60/hr on average to renovate a bathroom. Getting your bathroom remodelled In Queensland, on the other hand, will cost you approximately $65/hr.

For a home extension job, builders in Queensland offer the lowest rates of around $54/hr on average. The average cost of home extensions in New South Wales is only slightly higher at approximately $60/hr. Meanwhile, Victoria residents pay the most for home extension services in Australia with home extension prices at $77/hr on average.

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Pricing information correct as at August 2017.

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