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The average tiling cost across the country is $50/m2. Depending on the specifics of the tiling job, rates can go for as low as $40/m2 for a budget project and as high as $55/m2 for premium work.

These prices typically reflect labour costs only, but some tilers include the cost of materials like grout and adhesive in their quote. To ensure that you’re getting an accurate price, it’s important to clarify what’s included in your quotes.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2018 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Tilers on the site from July 2015 to July 2017.

Hear from the experts

Ben of Shami Renovations
Bathroom tiling
Price is for an average-sized bathroom. Price can still go up if the layout and structure of the bathroom will be changed as well.
Total Cost: $1,500 – $2,500

Tommy of Mitie Tiling
Bathroom tiling
Price can still increase if the bathroom is very large and if the customer wants chrome trims, mitred edges, and other extras.
Total Cost: $3,500 – $4,500

Kitchen tiling
Price is for labour only, and it does not include materials.
Total Cost: $550

Mohamed of Pro Tiling
Outdoor tiling
Price is an approximate for a 10m2 outdoor area and usually depends on the materials to be used. It may include leveling.
Total Cost: $450 – $550

Style at Home

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Tiling prices from real customers

Phung from SA: Tile Splashback Installation
Job details: Installing 100mm x 200mm tiles on a 3sqm kitchen wall; labour only
Other details: Two light switches and two power points are located in the area; tiles must be cut
Edward from NSW: Laundry Area Tiling
Job details: Tiling of laundry area that’s approximately 25sqm
TOTAL COST: $1,960
Mark from NSW: Indoor Floor Tiling
Job details: Tiling of an indoor area that’s around 50sqm; labour only
TOTAL COST: $2,900

How your tile choice affects service rates

Aside from the tiler’s fee, the price of your preferred tiles plays a major role in determining the total cost of your tiling project. Tile cost varies depending on the style and brand.

To get an idea as to how much you have to prepare for your project, it is best to choose your tiles first. After you have canvassed for prices and selected your supplier, the next step is to request each tiler in your list to provide a quote.

Following this procedure is more economical. In making a quote, tilers typically consider the type of tiles they have to lay. This explains why canvassing for tile prices should come first.

Why these factors matter in totaling costs

No two types of tile are laid out in exactly the same way. Depending on the material used, the laying method a tiler uses will determine how difficult a particular job is.

In general, laying straight tiles costs less than working with patterned or asymmetrical varieties. Expect prices to further increase should you opt for feature or contrasting tiles. To sum up, tilers consider these three important factors in drawing a quote:

  • Type of tiles to be used
  • Details of the area to be covered
  • Level of difficulty in laying tiles
  • Site preparation and extras
Photo from: Tile Doctor WA

Photo from: Tile Doctor WA

Cost of tiling services

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What your location has to do with it

South Australian tilers charge the most affordable price at around $37.79/m2. Tiling services in Queensland, on the other hand, are considerably pricier at $45.08/m2. However, this is still slightly lower compared to the $45.40/m2 rate in Western Australia.

At $47.15/m2, the average rate for tiling work in Victoria tops those of tilers in Queensland and Western Australia. New South Wales has the highest average cost overall at $60.01/m2.

Apart from considering the price of tiling services, you should also ensure that you’re hiring a qualified tradie for the job. has a list of the best tilers in Australia, so you might want to check it out to find the right business.

Pricing information correct as at September 2017.

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