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Cost of wall tiling

Tilers charge around $50/m2 to install tiling on walls. This is only an average, though, and actual costs still vary from project to project. For small jobs, wall tiling can go for about $45/m2. On the other hand, larger projects can reach approximately $60/m2.

Where does this pricing data come from?

All prices stated in the above article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Wall Tilers on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.

Important things to know about the costs involved

Wall tiling prices vary widely because no two jobs are exactly the same. Each project has its own specific requirements, so tiling companies take different approaches when it comes to providing quotes. In order to help you properly budget your money, here are the factors that wall tiling specialists generally consider when quoting:

  • Size of the project — This has a huge impact on total costs. Most tiling businesses use per-square metre rates when quoting on wall tiling jobs. That’s why the bigger the wall, the more expensive it is.
  • Materials used — Large wall tiling installations use up more tiles and grout, and your chosen tradie is likely going to add the cost of materials to his quote. The type of tile greatly affects total cost as well. When choosing among various tiling options, keep in mind that standard ceramic tiles are usually cheaper than porcelain tiles.
  • Additional services — Removing old wall tiles prior to installing new ones costs more money simply because it involves more labour. The tiles have to be taken off the wall and disposed of before the new installation can even begin. Expect to pay extra if your job involves other additional services like sealing and waterproofing.

Wall tiling rates also depend on your location

Tiling companies in Western Australia charge around $41.50/m2 for wall tiling jobs. Meanwhile, their counterparts in Queensland and Victoria carry out the same service for around $45/m2 and $50/m2 respectively.

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Pricing information correct as at August 2016.

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