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Wall and cladding installation rates in Australia go for an average of $55/hr, but rates can still go higher or lower depending on certain factors. Jobs that don’t require much labour and skills are priced at around $50/hr, while tasks that need the expertise of specialists cost about $65/hr.

Cladding and wall businesses can also charge a per square metre rate, which averages at around $80/m2.

Where do these prices come from?

All prices stated in this article are based on FY 2016 pricing data compiled by ServiceSeeking.com.au. The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Walls & Cladding Specialists on the site from July 2015 to July 2016.

Factors that affect the final cost

Many things are taken into account when estimating a cladding job. Listed below are the factors that usually affect the price.

Wall cladding that is to be used for a home’s exterior needs to withstand environmental elements all year round. That’s why they’re generally more durable and more expensive. Interior cladding and wall materials, however, are typically more lightweight.

There are different types of wall cladding materials to choose from; here are some that you might want to check out:

• Timber – This is one of the most common materials. Although it can definitely give your home a natural, cosy ambience, you should take note that timber needs regular maintenance.
• Stone Veneer – Stone veneers are great alternatives to natural stones. They can give you the look of the real thing without costing as much.
• Vinyl – Vinyl is a highly durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, most are backed by up to 50 years of warranty.
• Render – This stylish material has been gaining popularity in Australia in recent years. Specialists use different techniques to produce various finishes.

Of course, the size of the job directly affects the cost. Compared to smaller projects, bigger jobs require more materials, time, and labour.

There’s so much you can do when it comes to walls and cladding — you can create a feature wall in your home, mix and match different cladding materials to create depth and style, and more. Just remember that playing with the design might call for additional expenses.

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Cost of walls and cladding

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Wall and cladding prices across Australia

Installing walls and cladding is most affordable in Victoria and Queensland. Tradies in these states charge an average of $50/hr for their services. On the other hand, the price of the same type of service in New South Wales is approximately $55/hr. Western Australia is the most expensive place for wall and cladding services as the typical rate in the state is around $60/hr.

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Pricing information correct as at August 2016.

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